10 Reasons You NEED To Get On The Lovin Dubai Mega-Yacht Brunch This Weekend

There's only two more dates people!

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Listen up folks, the Lovin Dubai Mega Yacht brunch has been such a hit that it was extended for two more dates

Nothing has stopped loads of people from having fun on the largest commercial boat in the WORLD - it even took place at night last week and was just as fabulous. 

So the fun is guaranteed, you just need to show up!

And what started off as the best value for brunch brought by yours truly has become a mega successful boat brunch.

Not convinced yet? Challenge accepted. 

Keep on readin' because here are 10 reasons you NEED to come to this Saturday's boat brunch

10. Yummy food

With a wide array of delicious food options, this brunch offers you an open food buffet throughout! 

There's even grilling stations outside for those who fancy themselves some kebab and shawarma on their sunny day out. 

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9. Poppin' music 

Lovin Dubai's very own DJ plays at the brunch so you can expect the best tunes to dance on. 

You probably won't stop shaking your hips and you'll have him to thank for that. 

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8. Breathtaking views

The yacht brunch is not only on the boat, but it takes you around all of Dubai's major hot-spots. 

So expect the Dubai Eye, Atlantis, Dubai Marina and the Burj al Arab, which will all leave you at a loss for words!

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7. Live performances

If your own dancing wasn't enough, a violinist AND a group of talented girls will mesmerise you with their spot-on choreography. 

Brunch and views on views! 

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6. Fab pictures

You won't even need to take out your phone to snap pictures, Lovin Dubai's very own photographer will take care of your picture needs. 

You'll get to pose with various banners and he'll snap Instagram-worthy pictures of you that will make you smile and remember this day forevaaa. 

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5. Indoor cinema 

If you feel a bit tired from all the partying and you just want to lounge around for a while, the boat even has an indoor cinema. 

Yup, an indoor cinema just for attendees to enjoy. 

Good food, drinks AND a movie? Omg. 

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4. On-board pool

A unique feature of the Lotus mega yacht is the huge on-board pool and it'll be the first thing you see when you enter. 

So if you're feeling peckish about going into the water to cool off, you have another option!

The pool even has a transparent glass window that overlooks the ocean and it will make you feel as if you've taken a dip in the ocean, without ever leaving the boat.  

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3. Boat season

If April isn't the best time to cross off a boat tour from your list, then it never really is. 

The weather right now is the perfect combination of sunny and breezy that will make your yacht brunch all the more worth-while. 

With the breeze blowing in your hair and the sun flirting with your skin, you'll go home feeling better than ever! 

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2. Unlimited shots 

The best thing about the brunches in Dubai is how boozey they can get and this one will tick all of your boxes. 

With a bar downstairs AND upstairs, your drink fix will be taken care of. 

And not to mention unlimited shots personally served to you by the bartenders for an epic brunch experience!

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1. Great value for brunch 

People....this is Dubai's best value for a fun brunch out because it's totally worth every dirham! 


AED149 (under 21s)

AED299 (beverage package)

AED499 for VIP access (private area with premium drinks and a private hot tub!)

With practically all your needs taken care of, just bring yourself and your best pals and be prepared to have the time of your life. 

The brunch sets sail on Saturday April 21 and 28, get it booked in now!

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