16 Of Dubai's Tastiest Burgers You Need To Try

Burgers. Are. Life...and these are the ones you shouldn't live without.


With National Burger Day only just past, the controversial topic of 'Dubai's best burger' keeps coming up in the Lovin' office.

It's a topic close to many people's hearts so as you can imagine some serious debate ensued.

We eventually decided to put a list together and after much deliberation here's what we came up with. Any yum burger we've forgotten? Let us know!

16. Manhattan Grill Steakhouse

Apart from the hefty price tag (AED 125) this burger has got to be one of our absolute favourites in Dubai. Crammed full of tasty ingredients, it can get messy so you might need a bib for this one.


15. McGettigan's Irish Pub

McGettigan's have pub grub down to a T. Enjoy your homemade 8oz steak burger while soaking up some great Rugby World Cup atmosphere. Their chunky chips are something special too so make sure you add them to your order.


14. Rivington Grill

A fancy burger in an even fancier setting, this spot earns extra points for it's slick view of the fountains.


13. Tom & Serg

A hugely popular hipster joint that's going places, the Tom & Serg burger will not disappoint. They serve up a nicely sized burger on home made buns - go for a double for double the taste.


12. Ketchup

Come here for The Stack. A double burger with crispy beef bacon, cheddar cheese and sauteed mushrooms. It's delicious, trust us. See below for proof.


11. Baker & Spice

You may know these guys for the farmers market they run but you may not know they make a mean burger. Come here for the B&S burger, brisket with horse radish cream, home pickled cabbage, and tomato served with seriously good chunky chips.


10. 82 American Diner

We love the breakfasts here but they also do a flippin' good burger. This place has the perfect American diner feel and a great selection of burgers, you'll definitely find something to satisfy your burger cravings here.


9. Fume

You'll love the cosy setting of this place and their food is tasty to match. Go for their pulled beer brisket bun with a vinegar slaw. For an extra treat try the chocolate brownie dessert, sinful but totally worth the few extra minutes in the gym.

Make a night of it by heading to one of the other venues nearby.


8. Fraiche

A firm favorite among our team, come to these guys for their chorizo and fried egg burger.They also serve poutine, a cult classic of french fries, gravy and cheese, the perfect side to your burger. Go forth and scoff yourself.


7. Claw BBQ crabshack & grill

If you're looking for a good old classic hamburger come here. If you're feeling brave go for the 'belly bustin' beast' of a burger. Finish 5.2 lbs of meat in under 45 minutes and it's yours for free... If you manage that you may expect a fine hat tip coming your way from us too.


the beast


6. Belgian Cafe

The millennium burger here is without a doubt one of the Lovin' favorites...we're also big fans of the huge beer selection available to wash it down too. Burgers and beer... perfect combo.


5. The Meat Co

It may cost you a few more $$$$ than the other burgers on our list but we can safely tell you you won't be disappointed here. You won't go wrong with any of their gourmet burger options, 100% pure beef burger, seasoned, basted and flame-grilled.


4. Elevation burger

Soft, fresh buns and mouth watering juicy burgers mean Elevation burger was always going to make our list.

We love that they're open 24 hours too so these guys also take the prize for best burger at 3am.


3. Clinton Street Baking Company

Check out the Clinton Street Baking Company for some serious burger deliciousness. Their Clinton Street Cheeseburger with swiss cheese and caramelized onions is perfection, it's served with sweet potato fries and some house slaw. Perfect for a mid-week treat.


2. Salt

We love the surf and beach feel at Salt. Come here and choose one of their double wagyu burgers if you're looking for an extra big feed.


1. Jones the Grocer

You'll have to search long and hard for someone with a bad thing to say about the Wagyu burger at Jones. Freshly minced and marinated wagyu, beef bacon, mixed leaf salad and cheese with Jones bois boudran sauce in a brioche bun. Add the carmelised onions and truffled mayonnaise and you'll have your self one of Dubai's best burgers.


Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

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