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5 All-Day Breakfast Restaurants You NEED To Try

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We know it can be a little hard to wake up early enough on a weekend to make it to a restaurant before it stops serving breakfast. 

So we have compiled a list of our favorite restaurants and cafes that serve the most important meal of the day ALL day.

1. Eggspectation

Kinda easy to tell that it is a pretty egg-focused menu – there are, like, eight different types of eggs benedict to try!

And they also have lotts’a pancakes and waffles.

2. The Sum of Us

Okay, so it does finish at 5pm but that is almost all day?

We are big fans of their hipster vibe and salted caramel french toast.

3. Clinton Street

We can’t decide what is our favorite -the brioche French toast or the fried chicken and waffles!

4. Urban Bistro

For those looking for a happy medium between the pricey-yet-tasty and and the cheap-yet-greasy.

We recommend the baked eggs if you want some guilt free goodness!

5. Shakespeare and Co.

They might be better known for their lunch menu but if you haven’t tried their breakfast, you are missing out!

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