5 Places You Can Take Your Pooch And Not Feel Guilty

So your furry friend doesn't have to stay at home alone

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Dubai isn't a particularly dog-friendly place, yes...that cute Frenchie in the picture above was told off a minute after that photo was taken, for being on the beach!. 

Yet, loads of us either have them as pets, or are keen to see them as often as possible. So, what's a canine lover to do? Check out some of the places below, that's what. From designated doggie hangouts to pubs that allow pooches – there's enough to keep tails wagging all year round. Now that's paw for thought. (Sorry)

Irish Village

The Irish Village is one of the only fine drinking – and eating – establishments in Dubai to allow dogs. Yep, with all the open space we have, for some reason our furry friends are meant to prefer Netflix and chill at home rather than the company of other people. However, this happy go lucky place is an exception. Sit outside on one of their traditional pub benches and enjoy a hearty meal (we'd recommend the baked potato topped with tuna, cheese and beans AED 45), and let your dog feel the desert breeze on its face. Warning: there are quite a few stray cats here so make sure your dog is OK with them.

Al Qudra Lakes

The cluster of man-made lakes in Al Qudra are worth checking out by every single person in Dubai, but especially dog owners. Not only can you let your pooch run free, you can also bring your own barbecue and even camp if the mood takes you. There's tons to do here, and all with your dog by your side. Why not spend an afternoon spotting some of the 130 species of birds that frequent the area? Make sure the dog doesn't chase them, obviously. A little warning, it can be dirty and there are a lot of campers, so for a bit of solitude go to a far lake.

The Greens

The Greens – which is adjacent to Tecom for Dubai newbies – is not only a lovely place to live, it's a quaint dog walking paradise. Not only are there loads of residents out taking their animals for a stroll, there are plenty of people who travel over specifically to give their pet some exercise in this safe, and pretty, environment. At the heart of The Greens is Bert's Cafe, which offers a laidback atmosphere for you and your dog to sit al fresco and refuel. For an indication of prices, a freshly squeezed orange juice starts at AED 24.

Skydive Dubai

As you approach Zero Gravity, you'll notice there is a long, wide stretch of grass near the open-air gym. Well, if you look past the muscles and monkey bars you'll see humans huddled watching their K9s frolic to their hearts content. Yes, this may seem a weird place to bring your dog but with it's idyllic waterside location, as well as Insta-worthy views of twisty Cayan Tower and the Marina – you'll definitely have an 'OMG I live in Dubai' moment. You're also bound to make friends with the other crazy dog people.

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JLT has always been one of the most dog friendly places in Dubai. Not only is there a ready made walking routes, around the three lakes, to take advantage of, there are loads of places here let you sit outside with pets.  

One pet-friendly place in JLT is Hako Sushi, with it's comfy sofa style seating and delicious maki rolls, best things is they don't even mind your pooch snuggling up to you. 

Doggy Day Care at Daphne's

When we asked our dog owning friends the one place that they'd recommend above all others it was unanimous: Daphne's Doggy Day Care in Al Quoz. Due to the amount of travel that people in Dubai do, it's not a city that's short of day care options, but we hear that Daphne's is a resolute favourite because it's “small enough to care”, and the owners and staff are such nice people. The dogs are played with all day – and regular photos are posted on Instagram so you can keep an eye on your baby when you're not with it. Plus, and this is a big plus, the dogs that go apparently absolutely love it. So no guilt required when you need a night off to either work (or party) hard.

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Cressida Meale