6 Of The Best Looking PTs In Dubai All You Single Ladies Want To Follow

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Okay, so we may have enjoyed researching this article a bit too much, but it's essential information isn't it?

There are a whole host of personal trainers in Dubai, plenty of excellent ones for sure...and these ones are great to get a bit of #FitSpo from.  

Daniel Wells @fitsquaddxb

...or Lazy Abs as his mates call him (we can't see anything lazy about these abs) is an elite personal trainer for one of Dubai's sexiest PT company's Fit Squad DXB. When he's not hanging around the gym or basketball court, luckily for us he's posting topless pics on insta!


This Scottish health guru shares tips on training and eating - and is easy on the eye. 


This Frenchman shares his travel adventures and fitness escapades with clients.  


This Nike Running coach shows the landscape of Dubai and suddenly gives us all the urge to go running. 


Posts inspirational photos and shots of clients to give you motivation...and there are a few of him in there too.


The Dutchman demonstrates movements for isolating muscle groups, sometimes with his shirt off.