The 6 most Instagramable desserts in Dubai right now

WARNING: Chances of sticking to the diet are slim once you've seen these divine creations

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Cameras and food have long been bedfellows, but they've definitely become BFFs since around 2012 with the rise of Instagram. While we've (almost) gotten over taking a snap of each and every meal, there are some dishes that still call for a social media shout-out – and they are more often than not a staggeringly incredibly dessert. Here are some of the best we've spied in Dubai recently...

6. Catch

The iconic 'Hit me' dessert (AED84) at Catch Dubai is not just famous in the UAE, it's gone viral around the world. Seriously, type its name into Google right now and prepare to see just why. Firstly, don't be put off by the price – this baby could easily feed four people, especially when it follows on from the restaurant's huge mains of fresh fish and sushi. Secondly, don't underestimate the fun factor. As the name implies, a tap of the spoon to the top of this tower of brownie, chocolate cake, roasted white ice-cream and klondike bar (choc-ice, for those who don't know what that is) sends molten goodness spilling all over your bowl. Incredible.

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5. La Cantine du Fauberg

We stumbled upon this beauty when searching for some fine, French cuisine in the Emirate – and boy are we glad we did. The 'Ice Cream 105' (AED105) is a huge sundae served in a decadent martini glass, which comes adorned with shards of chocolate and extra long spoons. A quick glance at photos tagged at this place indicates that this sweet is a big hit on social media, so add your shot to the list, now! Who cares if it's a Monday, make any dinner a special occasion with this iced gem.

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4. The Ivy

The 'dark chocolate crackle bomb' (AED65) at The Ivy in Jumeirah Emirates Towers comes with berry ice cream hidden inside a crisp chocolate shell which is eroded when a silky, hot white chocolate sauce is poured delicately over the top. Although it's decadent in its own right, if you tell them it's your birthday they'll write your name on the plate, too. Definitely worth a video.

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3. Dip n Dip

This 'triple chocolate crepe' (AED30) is a folded pancake topped artfully with three types of Belgian chocolate in one of the prettiest cooking feats we've ever come across. While it's a shame to ruin its artful design, we predict you won't be able to resist the lure of fresh, hot, gooey chocolate. Just make sure you take a picture first. Dip n Dip have outlets in Jumeirah 3 and Palm Jumeirah.

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2. Urban Seafood

You probably know Ibn Battuta's Urban Seafood by its former name of Slapfish, but despite the rebrand the menu remains the same feast of deliciousness. And the crowning glory once you've stuffed yourself with lobster grilled cheese sandwiches and buckets of steamed mussels? Their chocolate cake in a jar (AED29). OMG this thing is as moist as moist can be, sweetly presented in a trendy glass mug and heaped with cake pieces, whipped cream and and salted caramel. While the price may indicate it's a portion for one, in reality, it takes two to tackle this beauty.

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1. The Hide

The 'campfire smores' sundae (AED45) at Madinat Jumeirah's The Hide is a thing to behold. Burnt marshmallow, peanut butter cookies and dulce de leche are all crammed into a retro kilner jar and it looks as photogenic as it does tempting. While this place is primarily known for its amazing steaks, it is called a 'meatery', after all – their desserts are just as worthy of a visit. Just make sure you leave enough room. Tip: get there by taking one of the boats from Souk Madinat to Al Qasr to make your evening even more special.

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