6 best sandwich joints in Dubai

Doorstep, toasted, wrapped...we've got it covered

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The sandwich: a universal hunger buster and guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Whether you prefer it foot-long and sub-shaped, traditional on sliced bread with proper crusts or in wrap form, chances are, there's one of these carby treats to suit. Whether you're after a quick desk lunch, or mountain-sized hunk of bread to make a meal of – here are some of the best places to find them in Dubai...


The US-export does exactly what it says on the tin – so make sure waistbands are elasticated pre-ordering. You will struggle to make a few blocks in places like New York without stumbling across a PotBelly store, so it was only a matter of time before they made an appearance in the UAE. With names such as 'wreck' and 'ultimo' you can get an idea of the portion sizes, but you can also choose from their lower calorie 'skinny' menu with all sarnies coming in at under 400kcals. With prices starting at AED 20 for their classic sandwiches such as chicken salad, and going up to AED 30 for a premium option like the steak mushroom and swiss supreme, there really is something for everyone. Best bit? They're all delicious.

Which Wich...

Working in a similar way to another universal chain of sub style sandwich shops, Which Wich offer a dazzling array of fillings that are entirely customisable. With all sarnies starting at AED 20 pre-additions, you get a lot of bang for your buck, too. However, they get massive bonus points for offering true cupboard raiding ingredients such as peanut butter and jelly (or jam, for all you Brits) as well as the option of adding crisps as a filling. We all know that was the best bit about packed-lunches at school. There are stores all over town, but their real forte is their quick delivery service – you can find them on all the usual sites.

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Maple Leaf...

Diners, prepare yourselves: it's about to get messy. Canadian deli Maple Leaf have fast become a Dubai foodie fave, thanks to their all hands required sandwiches and incredible sides of poutine (that's posh for chips, cheese and gravy FYI). But their smoked meat sandwiches are really where it's at. You can't go wrong with the classic: meat, with yellow mustard served on rye (AED 35) but the more adventurous meathead could definitely get stuck into something like the smoked ribs option (AED 80) which comes swimming in homemade BBQ sauce and complete with pickled onions, coleslaw and a brioche bun. Our stomachs just expanded thinking about it.


Oushe specialise in comfort food with a funky twist, and all products are deliciously fresh and packed to the brim with flavour. Highlights include the classic cheese and chutney (from AED 21) featuring strong Comte cheddar, spiced fruit chutney served in a granary bun, or the more unique (and incredibly refreshing) avocado and cheddar pockets (from AED 27) which come in pita bread.

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Fun fact: 1762 is apparently the year that the sandwich as we know it was invented – and you can probably tell from the name of this Media City deli what their speciality is. From the humble Egg Mayonnaise on Sliced Granary (AED 22) with chives and rocket to their hero menu item: the traditional home-cooked roast beef Yorkshire pud wrap (AED 38) with Coleman’s mustard, horseradish cream and a pot of gravy, 1762 take lunch very seriously indeed. This earthy, (and very stylish) place gets rammed by office staff on lunch breaks during the week, so arrive early to avoid any disappointing sell-outs. 

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Pret To Go...

Another welcome addition to the Media City lunch circuit is Pret To Go, which offers a very similar menu to another chain seen elsewhere in the world with a (ahem) similar-ish name. From healthy (but really tasty) salmon, spinach and avocado wraps (AED 30) to the failsafe tuna mayo (with the inventive addition of capers – also AED 30) there are plenty of bread-based treats to get involved with. They also offer a number of toasties as well as hot dishes such as mushroom quinoa risotto (AED 35) if you want something to dip your sarnie in...excessive? Us?

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