It's A VIBE: 6 EPIC Restos In Dubai With An Atmosphere That Can't Be Rivaled

Because there's nothing worse than a table, some food and a DULL surrounding

Restos In Dubai With A Great Vibe

Dubai is FILLED with restaurants, probably too many restos, but with the hundreds of chains, ranging from cuisine to cuisine, it's almost too craaay. However, with the influx of sushi bars, Chinese restos, there's more than one reason people go back to a specific establishment: and that's the atmosphere.

A fun, vibrant and soulful vibe adds more to the flavour of each dish, inspiring a post-work clientele to engage in convos while sipping on drinks.

So we've scoured the peoples' favourites in Dubai to let you in on all the lit places that are MORE than just a restaurant...

(In no particular order)

1. Miss Lily's DXB - a hyped-up surrounding with unforgettable Jamaican dishes

Miss Lily's contagious upbeat energy has been so well-known, in the short amount since its launch, that even tourists know to make a pitstop here for a few drinks, some GOOD food and a great, friendly crowd.

Carribean food lovers shan't miss out!

2. Barbary Deli + Cocktail Club - a classy, intimate yet wild location for delicious food and bevvies

It is as its name bears and this photo captures the vibrant essence of this hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Barsha Heights.

This place will be the ultimate partygoer's fave dining spot AND party place on the weekends, no doubt.

3. La Carnita DXB - Can you handle these tacos?

La Carnita is known for its well-executed brunches, located in Bay Central Towers, the hotspot for taco and margarita lovers.

Of course, any Latin vibe will have already scream a fuego energy and La Carnita doesn't disappoint. If you're looking for a weekend spot where you can jive to some music, along with an upbeat crowd authentic Mexican food.

Don't forget to try their fish tacos or ceviche, while you're at it.

4. Akiba Dori

There's a reason this DIFC hotspot has made it onto last year's 'Top 50 Best Restaurants In The Gulf' by Esquire, I mean just look at how enthralling the restobar's entrance looks.

This Japanese place is a vision of many intricate details that transports diners to a Tokyo they've never been. Known for their FAB take on pizzas, called the 'Tokyopolitan' (geddit?) and other authentic Japanese dishes- this gem is the cremé de la cremé of foodies.

It's an Instagram haven, perfectly aesthetic for every photo, with an ambience unbeatable to match.

5. STK Dubai Downtown

This snazzy Dubai Downtown spot is magic, in terms of friendly staff, friendly people, amazing tunes from different eras (at times) and mouthwatering dishes (their creme brulee, anybody?)

This place is great for jazz fans who want to be serenaded with a live saxophone player, while the beautiful Burj Khalifa is in clear sight.

In the wise words of the 21st century, issa vibe.

6. Flair No. 5

Another DIFC crowd favorite is Flair No. 5, an outdoor bar and lounge with the classy vibes of an urban jungle. Yep, try to really envision it.

Not only is it vegetarian friendly, with herb-infused drinks and a whole lotta style- this place is BOOMING with great chats, sounds of laughter yet the intimacy of some private fun with your group of guys or gals.

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