8 Places To Get Your Daily Coffee Fix

Nothing beats a good cup of joe

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So October 1st is World Coffee day (60% sure it might be the first one) and there's no better way to celebrate it then go drink a cup yourself. Where you ask? Well leave that to us!

Now Nobody knows better than us how special each cup of coffee can be to a true coffee lover. And how insulting that burned sludge is that some places try to get away with putting in front of you and hoping you don't know any better. Well we do.

What makes it harder is that, almost more so than any other beverage, people really do have unique tastes when it comes to coffee so that makes cultivating a list of the best places to drink it even tougher.

Well we're up for the challenge. Here's a list of places we like to drink our coffee.

So in no particular order...

Perhaps the closest to Italian coffee in Dubai

Segafredo Zanetti have quite a few cafe's throughout Dubai and serve one of the smoothest espresso's around.

Ideal for a quick catch up with friends

The Pavillion Cafe downtown has one of the best views of the Burj in the area. Although they may be slightly too hipster inside for their own good, it definitely doesn't take away from their delicious coffee. Sit back and enjoy the view.

Stop off at the FGB Metro stop

and take a walk down to The Lime Tree Cafe. It'll be worth it.

Probably the most talked about Coffee hotspot

in Doobs- you can't deny that RAW in Al Qouz turn out a delicious coffee.


Check out the fountains while you sip away

in Carluccio's, Dubai Mall. They make a damn good Americano and it's way too easy to just slip in to a semi-comatose state while you enjoy the beautiful yet bustling surroundings.

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They say the sooner you drink your coffee after it's been roasted

the better it will taste. Well the Sum Of Us has their own roastery and their coffee is almost unbeatable in our city. You can really taste all the care and attention they put into each cup of brown loveliness.

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There's a reason this place is full of Entrepreneurs

Something about the coffee in MAKE Business hub really gets the creative juices flowing

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A hidden gem amongst the books

The Archive Library in Safa Park don't boast about their coffee enough and they really should.

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