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Here Are 14 GIFs Which Perfectly Sum Up Office Life In Dubai

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Office life; you either love it or you hate it… but like it or lump it, you’re stuck there.

Here are 14 gifs which perfectly sum up office life in Dubai.

14. When you see your bestie on a Sunday morning

13. How you deal with everyone else

12. When someone suggests ordering food

11. When someone suggests a fresh-air break

10. When you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing 

9. When you need help from the IT crowd

8. When your boss takes his bad day out on someone else

7. When a hottie walks in

6. When an intern doesn’t know their place

5. When your boss walks by

You’ve never worked so hard in your life

4. When you hit send on a risky email

3. When you send an email without typos

2. When you get assigned a project on Thursday at 5pm

1. Leaving on a Thursday like

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