Dubai’s Best Milkshakes

When you need a dessert and a drink in one


Loosen your belt a notch or two, as we count down Dubai’s top milkshakes, just in time for the beach season’s apex, obvs.

Sheikh & Shake – Kit Kat

Devotees of the standard Oreo milkshakes looking to branch out and live a little can’t go wrong with this indie fast-food eatery’s Kit Kat milkshake. Thick but not too thick, chocolatey but not too chocolatey… everything about it is just right (we’re calling this milkshake the “Goldilocks special”). Alternate sips of this drink with bites of Sheikh’s beautifully seasoned fries if you’re into that sort of thing (which we are). Bonus: if you happen to be in JLT on a Monday sometime before December 31st, you can get this, and all the other flavours, for half price.


SALT – Lotus Shake

If you’ve ever been to Kite Beach, you can’t have missed this pair of retro food trucks. Like any good burger joint, this homegrown caravan hawks milkshakes along with its Wagyu burgers. The firm favourite here at Lovin Dubai is the Lotus Milkshake, but we must warn you that there’s nothing Zen-like about about it. Lotus is a brand of Belgian Speculoos biscuits whose cookie spread is so addictive we can’t believe it’s legal.


Shake Shack – Black & White

As expected from a place with the word “Shake” in its name, restaurant mogul Danny Myers’ burger haven serves up one mean milkshake. Because we sometimes find it difficult to decide which side of the ice cream spectrum we lie on (do we go chocolate, or do we do vanilla), we really love the Shack’s Black & White Milkshake. A hand-spun (that means someone is literally shaking that creamy goodness up by hand behind the counter) blend of chocolate and vanilla, one sip might give you a hit of chocolate whilst another delivers a bit of mellow vanilla. Sometimes you get a dose of both. This shake is definitely a must-try for those of us who are on the ice cream fence.


Five Guys – Salted Caramel

Where do we begin? Caramel is delicious: FACT. Adding a pinch of salt to something sweet makes it even more delicious: FACT. Top a vanilla ice cream base with that magical combination, spin it round and round and round, and you get a shake you can down in a matter of seconds: FACT. Some people like to throw in a spoonful of honey-sweetened all natural peanut butter, but we at Lovin Dubai are purists and like ours PB-free.


Shakeism – Cheesecake Killer

Tucked away in the backstreets of Barsha, this tiny out-of-the-way spot is a dairy dream. You’ll find no burgers here: Shakeism serves grilled cheese sandwiches and Belgian waffles, but those are only side notes on the menu – the stars of the show here are the shakes. The Cheesecake Killer, a sinful blend of cheesecake, blueberries and digestive biscuits is their top seller, but Shakeism’s got plenty of other flavours up its sleeve. If you’re watching your waistline (who are you kidding – you’re at a milkshake bar), you can get your shake blended with Yogo (that’s frozen yogurt to the rest of us). The Yogo version of Shakeism’s “Smooth Criminal,” a concoction of fresh banana, strawberries and mango, is especially good. If combing the alleyways of Barsha doesn’t sound appealing, Shakeism is known for its efficient delivery service.


Written By

Ranim Elborai