The Top Adrenaline Inducing Activities In Dubai For You To Try Before You Die

If you dare...

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What do you do on the weekend? Lazy breakfasts with friends? Glam brunches? Lavish dinners? Pah. It's time to up your game and add a bit of adrenaline to the mix. Dubai is fast becoming a hotbed of extreme sports, with risk-takers Instagramming their adventures every step of the way. After all, what better way is there to make full use of the mega tall buildings that surround us or year round sunshine than by jumping out of, or off of, things? Here's how you can join in – if you dare.


This is an experience that has become something of a Dubai rite-of-passage. If you're yet to have a profile picture showing you mouth stretched wide, hair splayed and helmet-clad, suspended in the air with a stranger strapped to your back above The Palm Jumeirah then how else will anyone know you live in the UAE? Jumping out of a plane anywhere else in the world would be something of a big deal, here in Dubai, however, it's an average weekend. For just Dhs1,999 at Skydive Dubai you can get a tandem jump with digital video and stills of the experience to splash all over social media. Just make sure to read the health and safety info before booking and remember that it's weather dependent.

Swimming with sharks

Over the pool? Then how about a dip with a difference? On shopping trips to Dubai Mall you may have notice the odd diver in amongst the sharks and shoals of fish having a merry old time in the Dubai Aquarium– and you could be one of them too. There are a range of shark diving experiences on offer – and don't worry you won't lose a limb. For certified divers, the dive is Dhs675, but they also offer comprehensive course to enable non-certified divers their time in the 'deep blue' for Dhs1050. For the latter option, all the training is done at Dubai Aquarium, before you're submerged with the sharks. If you'd still rather have something between you and those jaws, then you can opt for the 30 minute Cage experience, for which tickets are priced at Dhs290 per person and are suitable for uncertified divers. We're going to need a bigger tank.


Yes, it's the shot du jour on Instagram right now. Flyboarding is currently one of the hottest things to be doing in the Persian Gulf. Make like James Bond and strap a crazy gravity defying water jet propeller to your feet and prepare to shoot up to 10-metres into the sky. For just Dhs300 per person for 20 minutes of 'flying', this is one hell of a way to spend a weekend. Just make sure you have someone on hand to capture it all on your phone. As with most things, practice makes perfect – and once you get the hang of it you too could be doing impressive tricks mid-air. The minimum age to try it out is 18 and you must know how to swim. Safety first y'all.

Fly gyro

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a gyrocopter. This nippy little aircraft may look like something out of The Jetsons, but it's a real life experience that you can take advantage of today. Forget your run-of-the-mill helicopters, really feel the air under your propellors with this intimate sky cruise over some of the most iconic parts of Dubai. It's just you and a pilot up there, so not one for couples to do together, but the novelty and sheer madness of it is exhilarating. The experience costs Dhs999 for a 20 minute one-on-one ride over The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, the Burj Al Arab and then back to JBR where Skydive Dubai is located. Maybe not one for nervous flyers.

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Zip Wire

If you fancy whizzing along a 558-metre long zip line over the fountains at The Dubai Mall, in front of the world's tallest building – the Burj Khalifa, then read on. Tried out first by noted extreme sports aficionado, The Crown Prince of Dubai, the X Line has garnered its fair share of press since launching in October 2014. But, you can't buy a ticket. Still an exclusive (40 second long) Dubai experience, you have to be invited to try the X Line for yourself by posting about it on social media, 30 people each week are then chosen as the lucky few to fly high. Those taking part must be 10 years old or more, weighing between 50kg and 110kg, and between 1.4metres and 2.1metres tall. You know what they say, you've got to be in it to win it.

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Wake Boarding

If you thought The Palm's Riva Beach Club as just about bronzing and Balearic beats – think again. They now offer extreme sports alongside their topnotch sun lounging facilities. Wake Evolution – which operates out of Riva – offer daily lessons in everything from wake boarding to water skiing with prices of Dhs600 for an hour, or just Dhs250 for 20 minutes. However, if you're really feeling the urge to hang ten, you can book an eight-hour, all-day session for Dhs3,800. So perhaps its time to give the horizontal weekends a miss, and grab a board of some kind instead...they do say you get a better tan in the sea, after all.

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