Tasty Takeaways That You Won't Have To Feel Guilty About Later

And we're sick of Kcal...

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Let's face it, we rely way too much on takeaways living here in the sandpit.

If you're too lazy to cook but still want to have some semblance of health, these epic delivery restaurants can bring a healthy meal right to your bedroom door. Guilt free. Hassle free. Win win.


Friends Avenue

Yes you read us correctly. Friends avenue deliver (we may or may not regularly avail of this service in the Lovin Office). They offer an extensive array of healthy superfood salads and juices for you to feast upon to your healthy hearts content.

We recommend the Quinoa salad. And if you feel like you've been pumpin' hard all week - feel free to avail of an additional helping of grilled chicken.



This place definitely up the ante when it comes to IG pics. The pics are insane, genuinely you could spend all day ogling their food. And the bonus? It's all healthy. WOW. They also offer a daily gourmet dishes like Steaks, Paellas and Pastas.


The Fit Food Kitchen

This place is dedicated to helping us better ourselves by serving simple yet nutritious meals. Hear Hear.


If you're looking for healthy Lebanese, this place is right up your street!

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Thiese guys pride themselves on receiving the finest ingredients from local markets everyday and boast a very high nutrition to calorie ratio.


77 Veggie Boutique

And if you don't just want one healthy meal a day, this place is happy to supply you with a full days supply of meals. Sound.

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