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It’s National Chai Day And Here Are 10 Obvious Signs That You Are A Hardcore Chai Addict

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Chai isn’t just a drink… it’s an emotion, a mood, it’s a way of life!

If you can relate to that then read no further because then you already classify as a chai addict.

But for those kinda lost, chai is a form of tea made with milk and spices and oh boy how a large population of Dubai peeps basically live on it is just shocking.

This National Chai Day we present to you ten blatantly OBVIOUS signs that tell you- dude you suffer from a diehard chai addiction and it’s way too late to change now.

10. When the only place you can think of hanging out with your friends is near a chai shop (Satwa chai, Karama chai, Mamzar etc.)

9. The SLURPY sound is the most comforting sound to you in the world

8. You feel like punching the wall when someone says ‘chai tea’ NO IT’S CHAI. Just chai.

7. Your all-time favourite quote is:

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Happiness in a cup 💕🌿

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6. When your brain literally stops functioning in the office without a chai refill

5. When you google your symptoms and realise you need more chai

Basically your cure to hot, cold, rain, fever, depression, excitement, nightmare, break-up or any type of sickness in this world is chai or masala chai

4. You’ve started seeing a soulmate in those who like chai as much as you

3. If you randomly start fantasizing about chai out of nowhere

2. You can’t help but hate on those who don’t like chai

1. If you have nodded along to every single sign in this list… then congratulations you are officially a part of the chai club

Well… it is safer to have a chai addiction as opposed to having any other addiction so go on get yourself another chai

…that you’ve been craving since you read the word ‘chai’


Feature image credits: gani_itsmystory

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