The 9 Best Spots To Get Chicken Wings In Town

Don't wing it! If you feel like wings you need to hit one of these spots


Trying to pick the 10 best of anything in a city is difficult, never mind a topic as widely disputed as the best chicken wings.

People tend to get pretty antsy when opinions differ so here's hoping we won't be lynched for our top choice!

Feel like we've missed a spot? Let us know in the comments section or on Facebook, if there's a clear favourite we've left out we may consider a reshuffle!

9. McGettigan's

This Irish bar has got pub grub down to a T. Their menu is unreal but our firm favourite is their wings, there are a couple of options but we recommend Asian style with pickled ginger & lime mayo. Wash it down with a pint of your favourite for a seriously tasty meal.


8. Texas Roadhouse

If you haven't been yet you'll love the wings they serve up here, the super tasty sweet and tangy sauce will definitely have you making a return journey to to this spot.


7. Cheesecake factory

How is it that everything that comes out of this kitchen taste so frickin' good?! The wings are a nice sized portion and the sauce is spot on, these wings are one of the main reasons this place is always packed.


6. MO's

A firm breakfast favourite on City Walk people now need to hear about hear about their wings! Plain and simple spicy buffalo wings with a blue cheese dip these guys prove that simplicity works (and tastes!) best.


5. Fuddruckers

This joint offers up American style portions (which of course is exactly what we want!) Choose medium hot / or super hot sauce and enjoy them with a side of ranch dressing. These are deep fried and crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. The perfect wings!


4. Buffalo Wild Wings

We've raved about these guys before but this is a spot you're guaranteed some seriously good wings. Once you have your wings you can choose any sauce so if you like a bit of variety this place is for you...although we particularly recommend the parmesan garlic sauce.


3. Original Wings And Rings

These guys were late to the list but that doesn't mean their wings are not to be sniffed at. Of their 10 different sauces we loved the buffalo which totally smothered the wings when they arrived (in a good way of course!) This is a great sports bar so head to this place with some friends for a good evening out.


2. Claw BBQ Crabshack & Grill

This is a relaxed atmospheric American style bar that does great wings and they happen to do a brilliant burger too. Their hot wings are spicy and come with a blue cheese dip, it's a super strong and tasty dip so be prepared!

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1. Wingsters

After much debate these guys have taken the number one spot. They take their wings extremely seriously (can't you tell by their name?!). We love how they get creative too - try their wings covered with smooth mustard infused with honey.


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