Here's Where To Get The Best Fro-Yo In Town

The only thing better than yoghurt is frozen yoghurt.


If you know any frozen yogurt aficionados (or you are one), you’ll realise that where they get their fro-yo fix is a fiercely important matter.

Glorified ice cream, it ain't. If you love fro-yo so much that your local shop just isn't cutting it, and you’re willing to travel far and wide to find the best, then this list is for you.

Ok, we'll get our excuses in early. This list is based entirely on our opinion; if you think we’ve left somewhere amazing out, let us know!

5. The Frozen Yogurt Factory

With a smaller selection of toppings and fewer flavours than some of our other favourites, this place comes in at number five. Seriously, their mango flavour with mixed berries is absolutely frickin’ delicious. I can’t stop thinking about it.


4. Menchie's

Mmmm Menchie’s. Great location on JBR, but they lose points for their self-serve option (what do you mean we have to pour our own frozen yoghurt?!). The staff here are great though, they gave us loads of time to try some of their unusual flavours... cake batter and Irish mint anyone?


3. Yogurtland

This spot is definitely a favourite for their hugggeee topping and flavour selection. The only real downside is the self-serve option (and that's because the pulley levers are way too hard to resist and we're being greedy). Also, unless you finish super quickly, all the flavours melt into one. Even so, this place is right up there.


2. Yogurberry

Serving a selection of yummy, non-fat frozen yogurt, this place comes in at a solid number two. Special mention has to be given to their crunchtastic granola, the best we’ve ever tried. It's perfect for a delicious, healthy (ish) Sunday morning breakfast treat.


1. Pinkberry

You may well have seen this one coming. Pinkberry was a firm favourite from the start. Their classic flavour beats all others hands down, and the random flavours they introduce (for a limited time only) are always spot on. Oh, and they deliver. Case closed.


Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.