Our Quest To Find The Ultimate Burrito In Dubai

So far we've found...

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Burritos are pretty much the best creation that's happened in the world since Picasso's artistic debut. Hat's off to the Mexicans for creating such an epic food. Yes we are comparing the burrito to artwork.

For some reason though, Burritos aren't quite as popular in Dubai as they are across the rest of the globe and it's quite hard to find a decent one in our sandy city.

Once again, we've decided to make things easy for you and round up some of the finest!

We still haven't quite found the ULTIMATE Burrito so restaurants of Dubai-we challenge you! We're also happy to help you experiment!

The closest thing to Chipotle in Dubai

Taqado's. If you want to build your own burrito-this place is it. They have pretty much everything you could ever want to put on your burrito and they roll it like pro's-not a drip leaked out of this baby. We've only ever visited the one in Tecom and without a doubt this gem is bang on. Not being purposefully picky we asked for extra meat, less rice, no sour cream, half-half beans and peppers, additional guac, additional cheese and a spicy salsa.

The Burrito Guru's behind the counter didn't bad an eyelid- to their utter credit. They even asked if we needed anything more.

What's more, their spicy salsa? It's actually spicy.

And the best news? This place deliver. WOW.


If you can even remember how to spell their name

Kudo's go to Kauai, because with the delivery men from this joint - there is no judgment. Whether you're having a burrito for breakfast, dinner or if it's your fourth of the day they'll smile at you and hope you enjoy it as much as the last one.

The burrito tastes pretty good too and always arrives hot, which for some reason is quite hard for other places to master.

Not sure whether it's a good thing or not but you can get all the nutritional info on the site too.


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A safe bet

Maria Bonita's is no frills but is as solid a choice as any.


For a guilt free Mexican treat

Kcal dish out a pretty mean healthy Burrito. The only problem is you might need to order two.

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Nothing better than a Burrito with a view

And what better view is there than at Tortuga at the Souk Madinat? That being said those of you who lack refinement while eating your burrito might do the rest of us a favour and eat it in private.

We didn't know Prawn Burrito's are a thing

Until we went to Loca's on Jumeirah Beach Road that is. Don't worry though, for those of you who are stuck in your ways they also have the more standard Chicken and Beef varieties as well!


This place will get there with a little bit of encouragement

Baja Fresh Burrito Bar definitely has a lot of potential. We think your experience there largely depends on chance and who you get behind the counter. Consistency seems to be lacking slightly. They do have plenty of choice though, you just need to give them a lot of guidance and re assure them that yes, a little extra meat in your burrito is okay.

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