5 Reasons You Should Go Out On A Saturday Instead Of A Friday Afternoon


Richie Hiranandani 6850

Ah Saturdays, the most beautiful day (ESPECIALLY when you don't have to worry about work on Sunday).

Yes, a long weekend is looming (YAASSS!) and we've got the ultimate solution to take your weekend from 0 to 100 real quick.

But Saturdays are the new Fridays, and we're here to tell you why.

Five reasons why, in fact.

5. You need some RnR before diving into a party

Seriously, Friday afternoons are better spent chillaxing, rather than diving straight into a midday brunch off the back of a hardcore work week. Enjoy a lazy Friday, to recharge, ready for a SATURDAY AFTERNOON PARTAE.

4. It's cheaper

Let's face it, with brunches costing around AED500 per head at a regular Friday brunch, an AED299 brunch on a Saturday is positively a STEAL!

3. The Lovin Dubai Cruise is on Saturdays

Well, 'nuff said.

Aboard the Lotus Mega Yacht, the Lovin Dubai Cruise is everything you know and love about Dubai - stellar views (and Instagram piccies), good fun, food, music, drinks and a pool on board, as well as a cinema room, nightclub and DJs.

This is living my friend!

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2. It opens your Fridays up for other fun stuff

Cruising on a boat on a Saturday means Fridays you can do other fun stuff like hitting the gym, trying paddle-boarding, getting a lazy brekky and getting in a nice long Netflix binge.

And then, you'll be rested up for a Saturday partae!

1. It makes your weekends feel longer

Seriously. Enjoy all that Thursday night, drink in your Friday, and then celebrate Saturday - it'll make your two-day break feel like three or four! Kick those Saturday night blues with a Saturday fest of vitamin D, drinks, and happiness!

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