Six of the best places to get a burger in Dubai

Juicy, meaty and covered in toppings...oh yes!

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There's not much that makes our mouth water as much as the thought of getting our hands around a massive burger. And Dubai knows how to do this particular delicacy very well indeed. From posh and loaded with foie gras, to sloppily packed full of every topping under the sun, here are some of the best.

Shake Shack

This American chain is slowly taking the world by storm. With their quick and efficient (and a bit fun) buzzer service, you simply order, then find the perfect seat and wait for your food to be ready and collected. The buns here are super soft, and slick with grease – ideal for when you're really going for it on a cheat day. Although there are plenty of options, we think you can't go wrong with the classic 'Shackburger' (from AED 26). It's a regular cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and their super secret 'Shacksauce' – whatever that is – it's addictive. Whatever you do though, make sure you also get a side of cheese fries (AED 21). Despite having branches in the major malls, the JBR location is our favourite. Nothing beats a burger on the beach.

Five Guys

You'll have seen the queues for Five Guys snaking their way around the fountain entrance of Dubai Mall, and there's good reason for that. OMG these burgers are insane. The best thing about this place is that they keep it simple, and let you make all the decisions. You can choose between either a hamburger (AED 34) or cheeseburger (AED 40), in regular or mini (which isn't that mini). Then, there are 15 toppings that you can select from, all for free. So, in theory, you could have them all – but good luck trying to get that in your gob. You also get free peanuts while you wait for your food to be ready, which is a bonus. As well as Dubai Mall, you can find them in JBR and Marina Mall. Start queueing now.

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At one point, this place was the most talked about food outlet in the UAE, with their #findsalt hashtag offering clues to various secret locations where they could be found popping up. Now, with a more permanent location on Kite Beach, their cult following can finally put their phones down and actually focus on the food, instead of social media. That's not to say their burgers aren't Insta-gold. Snap and hashtag their original wagyu burger (AED 30), which is served with melted cheese, pickle slices, and salt (hence the name) on a super soft butter bun, and see your likes soar.

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Johnny Rockets

You can't walk five blocks in New York without seeing one of these diner-esque joints, so it's no surprise that they're also big in the UAE, which has a well-documented fondness for American exports. Johnny Rockets is definitely a guilty pleasure, but it's a pleasure none the less. The burgers are massive and messy – you may need to wear a bib. Try the 'Route 66' (AED 39) for a hearty serving of Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelised onions and mayo on top of a 150gram patty. They have eight outlets all over Dubai, but can also be ordered online in the usual ways – and service is super fast.

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Rhodes Twenty 10

Thought burgers were a quick, easy meal to be grabbed on the go? Think again. This is Dubai, of course they can be fancy, too. The haute cuisine offering at Le Royal Meridien's Rhodes Twenty 10 is topped with fois gras, obvs, and comes in at a substantial AED 150. But, considering you're getting 225grams of USDA prime fillet steak in your burger, which is served with roast confit potatoes and comes with a doorstop slab of seared foie gras on top, that seems pretty reasonable. Who said ordering the burger in a restaurant was boring?

South St Burger

With two outlets in Dubai – one in Media City and the other in Jebel Ali – South St Burger isn't quite as popular as it should be, yet. Again, it's got a flexible build-your-own philosophy, which is great for fans of strange food combos; pineapple and blue cheese, anyone? It's also delicious, and portions are on the generous side. A classic burger without ad-ons starts from AED 23, and then toppings are complimentary. The ad-ons – such as extra cheese – start from AED 2. You can also choose between a white, or whole grain, bun – so in theory you could make your fast food healthy-ish. But yeah, we don't do that either.

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