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Six of the best fry ups in Dubai

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We’ve all had those mornings, when nothing will set you right for the day like a big, British breakfast – probably teamed with about seven litres of orange juice. This type of meal isn’t a quick snack before doing something else, it’s an event, a chance to catch up with friends and (sometimes) try and work out what actually happened the night before…And here are some of the best places to do it.

The Yacht Club (AED 89)

A regular haunt for Marina dwellers, the full English (AED 89) served boat-side at this perennially busy haunt is the stuff of urban Dubai legend. The Yacht Club is famed for its unique presentation – served in a sizzling skillet no less – you can expect traditional sausages and bacon, eggs any style, beans, black pudding, hash brown, tomato, mushrooms and toast – served all day, every day. Don’t look too hard at the boats bobbing in front of you though, sea-legs and a big breakfast don’t exactly mix.

Reform Social (AED 78)

A classic British breakfast is most likely to be found at a classic British bistro – enter: Reform Social and Grill. With sausages, back bacon, flat mushrooms, beans, eggs your way, tomato, black pudding and toast or an English muffin all on the one plate, this is a champion of fry-ups in the gentile surroundings of The Lakes – and all for just Dhs79. Feeling extra hungry? Double the size with the ‘Belly Buster’ for just AED 140 and you won’t need to eat anything else for the remainder of the weekend.

Taste Kitchen (AED 55)

Nestled away on the ground floor of the often overlooked Mercato Mall, Taste Kitchen is a wholesome, relatively new addition to the Dubai cafe scene. With their ‘Big Breakfast’ offering two eggs of your choice, smoked veal, semi-dried tomatoes, mushroom, a hash brown, (with baked beans and toast in a dinky little separate cup!) it’s more than a bit Instagram worthy, as well as kind to your pocket at just AED 55. Lacking the grease of a traditional fry-up, this is the (sort of) clean eating approach to a Full English. Hey, you might even be able to attempt a run afterwards…OK, maybe not.

Barrel 12 Urban Sports Bar (AED 68)

This is one for the ‘lads’ apparently. Newish addition to The Palm, Barrel 12, are offering proper English grub to start the day. That’s right, there’s no room for egg white omelettes and muesli here, this is a big meal to be eaten with a big fork, which should be held in a big, preferably calloused (from all the weights) hand. Ever wondered what a “Full Barrel” breakfast (AED 68) would consist of? Well, let us tell you: sausage, veal bacon, haggis (yes, haggis), baked mushroom, tomato, potato rosti, eggs and sourdough. Forget M&S, this is what would happen if Carlsberg did breakfasts.

Little More Cafe (AED 58)

Value and convenience merge at this cute little cafe with locations in Marina Mall, Media City and DAFZA. Their English breakfast offers up three eggs (scrambled or fried), sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash brown, baked beans and beef bacon or sausage served with toasted bread, jam, butter, orange juice and coffee or tea – all for just AED 58. With minimal grease factor, and efficient service – this isn’t an indulgent a choice as some of the others listed here – but the cost and ease can’t be overlooked. Perhaps make this one a mid-week kickstarter, after a particularly busy ladies’ night on a Tuesday…

The Gramercy (AED 70)

Get ready for this, as the recently revamped Gramercy is serving a full-on English breakfast (AED 70), and taking no prisoners. Cumberland sausage? Check. Portobello mushrooms? Of course. Home made baked beans? Don’t mind if we do. Oh and we’ll also manage some scrambled eggs, beef bacon, herb grilled tomatoes and rustic toasted bread. This place might be a honeypot to the big DIFC business hotshots, but we think they’ll have trouble keeping an eye on the spreadsheets with this kind of food on offer.

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