Six of the best hair colourists in Dubai

The salons you can trust not to mess up your barnet

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Finding a good hairdresser is harder than finding a date for Valentine's – and probably involves a lot more crying – not to mention trial and error. Fear not! We've sat in the chairs of some of the best salons in Dubai to give you the ultimate list of people and places that you can actually trust with your locks.

Maria Dowling...

One of – if not the most sought-after hairdressers in Dubai is Maria Dowling – who has built an international reputation on her aptitude with brilliant (and flattering) colour. Situated down near Satwa, she's a must with the in-the-know Dubai crowd. She is always searching the globe for the latest in colouring technology, and quite literally, sending her esteemed team to be trained by the best in the industry – worldwide. This woman has a waiting list as long as the hair she so expertly tends to, so if you're after her magic touch, get dialing now. Prices vary per consultation – if you manage to get one, that is – but as a general rule a half-head of lowlights on short hair will set you back around Dhs380.

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This is where you'll find the cool kids. Hidden round the back of Tom & Serg cafe in Al Quoz, this edgy salon is all concrete floors and exposed brickwork. Think warehouse-style pampering. The staff are all beyond lovely, and game for the most challenging of tasks. Whether you want to go all-out My Little Pony and jump on the technicolour hair trend, or merely add a semi-permanent tint to your conservative chestnut mane – they'll be up for it. Full colour starts at Dhs330, but be prepared to part with more cash for a more daring look. It's also worth noting that crazy colours usually require a full bleach, tone and treatment – so start saving in order to make that statement!

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Colour Masters

Highlights are something that can either go really well, or really badly. And if you're not a big fan of playing risk with your hair, then London-trained Colour Masters owner Khaled – Dubai's self-proclaimed 'blonde obsessive' – is your man. With two salons in Dubai, one in the Marina and the other in Al Barsha, you're guaranteed one-on-one service and not a hint of brassiness in sight. There isn't really a price list per se, as Khaled makes an individual assessment each time, but a full head of highlights with cut and blow dry has previously set a rather thick-haired LovinDubai contributor back around Dhs800. It's not super cheap, but looking like Grace Kelly comes at a cost, you know.

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Another stylist with a waiting list to rival an Hermes Birkin bag is Pastels very own Anthony – but like the shampoo ads always told us – he's worth it. This guy can not only fix any hair SOS situations without so much as breaking a sweat, but also gives incredible effortless looks straight from the pages of the latest fashion mags. Undone curls? Sure. Beachy highlights? No probs. Game Of Thrones' Khaleesi-style bleach job? Easy. To give an indication of prices, one of the salon's specialities – balayage (or sophisticated dip-dye for those who don't speak stylist) ranges from Dhs375-Dhs475. Make the receptionist your new BFF.

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The Loft Fifth Avenue

With four outlets in Dubai alone – and the latest in Downtown's Bay Square even offering food and drink from their first ever on-site cafe while you sit in the stylist's chair – The Loft Fifth avenue are certainly doing something right. Given that it is often frequented by some of the fussiest beauty editors in the UAE (and believe us, those guys are tricky customers indeed) it has a reputation for listening to its clients, and doing what suits them, as opposed to what they want. With so many branches, The Loft Fifth Avenue could easily feel like yet another chain salon. But, it doesn't. Standard hair colour starts at Dhs300 and goes right up to Dhs600 – excluding any cut and blow dry. But really, who can resist a croissant while your colour develops?

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Salon Ink...

You know that girl in work who has the really cool hair? Chances are, she probably went to Salon Ink. This is the place where style rules all, and everything from the interiors to the look you're left with are fashion forward and executed with precision. Situated in a huge, light space in Jumeirah's Beach Park Plaza, the salon's floor to ceiling glass walls and modern hanging lights set the scene for a creative transformation to take place. If you've seen a hair trend emerging on Pinterest, Salon Ink will probably have already attempted it that week, that's how ahead of the curve they are. Creative colour is by quotation, but standard amonia free glazing (all over colour) starts at Dhs325 for short hair with a senior stylist. Go hard at Salon Ink, and then go home and upload some a-game selfies.

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