Six of the best places to get Frozen Yoghurt in Dubai

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Frozen yogurt is brilliant. It's one of those things that you can tell people you're getting, being all smug and healthy, but then sneakily add all of the chocolate and fudge toppings in the world to make it your own personal ice-cream free sundae. Its versatility is unrivaled: it can be as clean or as indulgent as you like, and here are the best places in Dubai to test your will power.

The Frozen Yoghurt Factory

You can find The Frozen Yoghurt Factory in the Dubai Mall, and prices start from AED 13 but in the vein of a pick'n'mix – the more you add the more it costs. Choosing what to pop on top will be tricky though, as they have some special toppings, such as dragon fruit and pistachio, to give it a classy edge. But, we highly recommend the white chocolate sauce for when you've finally piled your pot high enough.


Pinkberry is one of the most famous fro-yo joints in Dubai, with five stores in Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, Emirates Hills, Mirdiff, and Deira City Centre. Prices start from AED 12 for a small, plain yoghurt, and go to AED 38 for a large flavoured portion with toppings. And what toppings they are. While there are the usual fresh fruits on offer, we can never resist the cookies'n'cream and broken bits of wafer. Oh, and you can order online via the usual sites for home delivery – best Saturday night treat ever.

Red Mango

We're not gonna lie, Dubai Mall probably has the most fro yo per 100 metres than anywhere else in Dubai, but we're not complaining. Red Mango is a cheap and cheerful way to refuel while shopping, to ensure there is absolutely no dropping. With prices starting at AED 12 for a plain pot, and AED 22 with toppings, they also go from a reasonable AED 14 for a flavoured base. It's then up to you to see how wild you can go with the many (many) toppings on offer.

Forty Carrots

For those of you who have been to New York, you'll know that Forty Carrots is a Bloomingdale's institution, and in Dubai, you can find it sitting next to the luxury department store on the top floor. It's not cheap, but it's definitely delicious and make perfect insta shots too (see the image at the top of the page too).You're looking at AED 25 for a small plain pot, and AED 30 for a flavoured yoghurt. With over 30 toppings to choose from – such as granola, M&Ms, and dried cranberries – you can be both naughty and nice. 


Menchie's– located in both JBR and Emirate's Hills – have a self serve style counter which is prices at AED 11 per 100grams. With over 100 rotating flavours, including almost every fruit under the sun as well as sneaky treats such as cake batter and peanut butter cups, how much you indulge really is up to you. Be warned though: it's way easier to rack up that weight than you think!


There are Yogurtland stores in Dubai Mall and BoxPark, and their cool and bright interior is a cheerful way to get your snack fix. With prices starting at AED 2.99 per ounce (that's approximately 28.35grams for all you metric heads) the self serve format means you can get your semi-healthy dessert exactly the way you want it – even down to colour-coordinating.

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