These Are The 6 Ultimate Spots To Watch The Sun Go Down In Dubai

Get a drink...and watch the sun go down

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In Dubai, we're lucky enough to get beautiful weather in the evenings (ok, ok, apart from those three times it rained), so sundowners are all over our radar. The tradition of the sundowner – which is literally a place to sit, have a drink and watch the sun set – is a longstanding one in Dubai. But the competition among places to provide the best atmosphere is never ending. Here are our current pick of the best...

1. 360°

Sitting in the middle of the ocean, at the end of it's very own jetty, is 360°. This unique circular bar is often listen as among the best in the world, and that's down to location, location, location. Apart from being in the middle of the sea – sort of – it also offers pretty spectacular views of the Burj Al Arab, which as we all know, never gets old. Rather a pricey one – to secure one of the coveted tables here in advance, each person has a minimum spend of AED 360. Easily done – we're sure you'll agree – but not exactly a casual place to wile away the end of the day. More for one of those special occasion sunsets.

2. Jetty Lounge

A little way along the coastline is another Dubai icon – the Jetty Lounge at the Royal Mirage. With its secluded, beachside location down a long and winding path (buggies are available to ferry heel wearers) this is a chic yet chilled place to watch the sky turn crazy shades of pretty. With house menu mixed drinks starting at AED 52, it's not for one of those counting the dirhams – but if you can stretch it's more than worth opening your wallet for.

3. Iris

Yes, the sea is a great thing to watch the sun disappear into – but you know what else is kind of impressive? Watching it dip behind the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. Iris is a cool, young spot nestled within the urban luxury of The Oberoi downtown. Staff are friendly, the drinks selection is extensive (and very well mastered) and the music is actually decent. And watching the city dramatic skyline turn a hazy shade of orange is a sight to behold. Mixed beverages at Iris start at AED 50.

4. Cove Beach

If you want to really feel like you've stepped away from reality, then the paradise resort feel of Cove Beach is one to immerse yourself in. No matter how idyllic our lives are, Saturday sunsets are still sacred things to be savoured. Make the most of them by settling down on a comfy lounger in the sand, gazing out at the Burj Al Arab and sea before you, and watching dusk happen in real time. The bar's own brand drinks fall at the AED 60 mark, but imported brands may be more.

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5. Dek on 8

If you're in the mood for a livelier crowd, Dek On 8 brings the party. Located in the ever-convenient Media One hotel, it serves up a live DJ, poolside seating and a view as cosmopolitan as the patrons. With all seating centred around a rooftop pool with palm trees dotted here and there – of course – this is the place for people who want to see Saturday night out in stellar style. Dek on 8's signature mixed drinks start at AED 45.

6. Cielo Sky Lounge

For those looking for more of a destination spot to watch the sun set, you could do a lot worse than the glittering vista of Dubai Creek. A highlight of which, is Cielo Sky Lounge. Known as a 'hidden gem' when it comes to sundowners, it offers beautifully unique views of Dubai, from a less explored angle. Open daily from 5pm, there's an extensive drinks menu with glasses of bubbles starting at AED 80, as well as the option of a few Latin street food-inspired bites if you're peckish. There's a DJ daily and Ladies' Night is on Wednesdays.

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