Taste Explosions - The 9 Best Shawarmas In Town

You've tried the rest now try the best...

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The Shawarma, probably the tastiest Arabic creation known to mankind. Seriously all that crispy, garlicky goodness is unreal and no matter how many you have, they always leave you wanting more. Seriously addictive.

It can be hard to know where to go for the tastiest one around. So once again we're giving you a helping hand.

The Shawarmanator

For the ULTIMATE taste exploding Shawarma taste this gem in Shami Gourmet, Dubai Marina! Nom Nom

These guys Ace it

Forgive the pun but Aces Shawarma House, in Wasl Square do one of the best tasting Shawarmas we've ever had.

An excuse to buy yourself some new slippers while you're there

Queen of home furnishings IKEA have a pretty epic tasting Shawarma deal, it's definitely worth the trip out to Festival City!


This might surprise you

But when you hit Rock Bottom in Burjuman at 3 am their shawarmas will perk you right up again. Maybe the key word here is 3am but we SERIOUSLY remember it being one of the best shawarmas in existence.

Their name is their game

Shawermania in JLT. If you're in the mood for a deliciously greasy and in no way healthy Shawarma, this is the place to come.

Bonus points for promoting hand hygiene and having cartoons on the telly during the day!

Family friendly street food eats

Zaroob on the Sheikh Zayed Road have a must-try Shwarmy.

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If you need a Lebanese shawarma in a hurry

AL Farooj will sort you out. Seriously fast food that doesn't miss out on quality


Another gem in Deira

Molouk Al Shawarma is a great spot for those in the know. They will have you ordering two they are THAT good!

Come to Moma at Shawermama

At first glance this looks like any old schwarma, on the inside the taste is so much more! This place spend a lot of time in the marinading department and BOY can you taste it!

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