Ten Mojitos You Can Get In Dubai That Will Blow Your Mind

Fresh, minty and with a kick

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There's nothing like ending a long week at work with a tall cocktail or mocktail...and for us, this Cuban classic is at the top of our list. When you order a Mojito...you know it's time to go OUT OUT. 

It's typically made of five ingredients: Lime juice, sugar, soda and of course crushed mint...with a bit more mint for garnish (and a splash of rum if the mood may take you), but many places offer different flavours and mixes.

So, if you like the Havana highball as much as we do, look no further...here's the top ten Mojitos in Dubai... 

10. Claw

If you want to party...and you want to do that with a jug of Mojito in your hand, then look no further than the crab shack and grill extraordinaire: Claw. Set in the heart of the Souk Al Bahar, you can't help but have fun at this vibrant watering hole with it's huge portions of American food and a juke box with every hit your ears want to hear. The only thing better than the food and atmosphere...is the cocktails...with a special nod to the Cuban classic.

9. The Hub

Fancy a chilled out place to enjoy your Mojito? Look no further than The Hub at Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach. You'll pay AED 60, but it's deliciously fresh with a strong mint kick, and you get to enjoy it in a smoke-free environment...maybe that's what makes it taste so good! 

Mojito The Hub

8. Crab Tavern

This Media One hangout does a pretty special cocktail...a Perrier Elderflower Mojito. A mixture of Elderflower and raspberries gives this Crab Tavern speciality a really sweet edge over the traditional Cuban cocktail. Delicious! 

7. Feast

Is it worth going to a brunch just for the Mojito? This one is. Head to the Friday Feast brunch at Sheraton Grand Hotel (1pm to 4pm) where the original recipe is served in funky jars rather than the usual highball. For many people, brunch is all about food (think live stations covering every culinary experience), but we like a place that cares equally about the drinks. The cocktails here won't let you down.

Brunch Prices: AED 325 soft drinks / AED 425 house pours / AED 595 bubbly


6. Cocktail Kitchen 

This JLT favourite isn't big on Mojitos (it's big on Vermouth based drinks) but does do a particularly tasty one every Wednesday on it's 80s nights, so good in fact, it's worthy of this list. And if you were born in the 80s...you can claim two Mojitos (or other featured drinks) for absolutely free (AED 50 after that for the Mojitos). 

Also, don't miss out on the Cocktail Kitchen daily happy hour (5.30pm to 8pm) - where selected drinks are just AED 19...YES AED 19!!!

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5. Alfie's

As well as serving up some tasty British fare, Alfie's at Jumeirah Emirates Towers also does a mean cocktail. Their spin on the mojito is based on pineapple juice rather than the usual lime juice – although lime does still make an appearance. If you like pineapple as much as we do...then this is almost better than the original! Want to try and make it at home...here's the recipe:

•             ¼  pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped into chunks

•             50ml pineapple juice

•             2 teaspoons brown sugar

•             5 fresh mint leaves

•             4 limes sliced

•             2  Fresh passion fruit, seeds and pulp removed

•             soda water (and 50ml Rum optional)

•             crushed ice


Blend the pineapple, juice and sugar together until you have a smooth puree. Combine the pineapple puree, rum, mint, lime and passion fruit in a mug then muddle together. Pour a little of the pineapple mixture in the bottom of the glass, add ice then top with soda water. Garnish with fresh mint and a few slices of lime.

*But we really do recommend you make the trip to Alfie's and wash it down with some delicious food!

Mojito Alfies

4. Pure Sky Lounge

Choose to sip your highball inside or on the terrace with it's amazing view over the Arabian Gulf. The Pure Sky Lounge Mojito is a treat - the ice is crushed to perfection and gives the whole drink a posh Slush Puppy feel...which makes it even easier to drink! 

The restaurant and lounge bar will be open from 7pm onwards during the summer months and offering a 35% discount on all food...the even better news is that all cocktails will be AED 35. Why 35? 35 because it's the floor number that Pure Sky Lounge is situated on, at the Hilton The Walk.

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3. Gaucho

Set to the busy backdrop of the DIFC buzz, Gaucho is the place to enjoy your Cuban cocktail. Not only does it look beautiful when served, it tastes equally good. The simple recipe involves:  

  • A highball glass, muddle lime with 2 barspoon superfine sugar
  • Add a few mint leaves and mush them against the side of the glass
  • Fill glass 2/3 with cracked ice and pour in the cuban rum
  • Top up with soda and garnish with sprig of mint
  • Serve with a smile
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2. Sho Cho

The Mojito at Sho Cho follows the classic recipe, but somehow just tastes better. Why? Because when you're in such an amazing setting, think: the sound of waves crashing next to you, a slight breeze and great tunes, everything tastes better. The price is AED 52 but the freshness of the minty taste when you're sat outside in the sea air...is priceless.

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1. Roberto's

So, what does a mojito have to do to take the number one slot? Simple...be delicious, be in a great setting and...well, not cost the earth. Roberto's does this and some. Their Barardi Mojito (Bacardi white with fresh mint, lime) is served daily at the cool-as-you-like lounge bar from 4pm to 8pm. The bar is full of the vibrant DIFC crowd and best of all? It'll cost you just AED 30.

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