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The 10 Best Nightclubs In Dubai

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Let’s face it, Dubai is the centre of all epic nightlife parties.

Weekends, weekdays- unlike any other country in the region, you can pretty much say the party never stops. It just depends where you go, what days you go and what the vibe is, but the guarantee remains the same- there’s something for everyone.

And it’s always going to be unforgettable (cue Swae Lee’s voice)… 

So without further ado, here’s a compiled list of the 10 best clubs in Dubai this year (aka, sort yourselves out for the coming weekend)

How did Lovin Dubai choose the final list?

  • Finalists were selected from all across Dubai
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’ve missed out on any must-try places across Dubai, please do let us know!
  • The brand’s social media audience and engagement were considered

10. The new Soho Garden

Although relatively new to the list, Lovin felt this needed a moment for 2019, since it’s introduction to the scene pretty much started out with a bang. Having launched just two weeks ago, the new Soho Garden nightclub had Ty Dolla Sign headline and the entire night was pretty much a banger!

Set at the Meydan location’s spacious rooftop area is the latest club to enter the winter scene. Don’t miss out on this one.

The new Soho Garden has hosts fabulous ladies nights on Wednesdays, mark it down, it’s ’bout to be the hottest new Wednesday night.

Where? Soho Garden, Meydan 

9. Mantis, DIFC

The only club in DIFC, Mantis has proven itself to be quite the dynamic little escape for a new club. Being one of the only locally created clubs in Dubai (aka, this was not brought from elsewhere but the UAE). Homegrown.

The best part about this secret escape is that there’s a night for every individual with a different taste?

Do you like your R&B, HipHop, House? There’s bound to be a night at Mantis specifically curated for you.

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are what this futuristic club is known for, so be there or be square. Oh, and did we mention? The ladies get free sushi and drinks (on the house) until 2 am on Friday nights. Winning!

When? Mantis, DIFC

8. 1 OAK

From New York to Dubai, this cosy indoor nightclub is regarded to as more of a ‘concert feel’ along with a club, by Google reviewers who have personally partied there. Many celebs will occasionally pop by, like Jason Derulo who made a  pit stop following a performance in Dubai sometime back. Although smaller in size, 1Oak definitely makes partygoers feel like they’re in the centre of the party and never not part of it.

Best nights to go: Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Where? 1 Oak, JW Marriot Marquis Hotel, Dubai

7. BOA

BOA Lounge & Club, located in central Sheikh Zayed Road, is the ultimate dark fantasy.

You walk in and already feel like you’re in a whole other country, different energy AND the most theatrical feel. Red-hued shades of light, streamers, and thought-out performers balance out the energy of the night. And who can forget the most iconic thing about getting to the floor where BOA is situated? I mean, that elevator? Talk about opulence.

Best nights for BOA: Fridays.

Where? BOA, V Hotel

6. Secret Room Dubai

This tiny little club’s name is just as it sounds, secretive. Open until 6 am, this is the go-to for the non-stop partygoers who want to make it until the sun rises. Told ya, Dubai’s nightlife is something else.

Make sure you reserve your spots or go earlier if you plan on doing walk-ins, because post-midnight, everyone’s trying to get into Secret Room. It’s not the most spacious, however; or well-ventilated but what it is, is a bubble of energy from the DJ to the bartenders, and every table you encounter.

Guess you’ll only know when you go, shh, it’s a secret- after all.

Not to mention, it’s also the only club in Dubai where you get to drive in a car. I mean…

Where? Secret Room, Five Palm Jumeirah 

5. Toyroom

Naughty Frank’s abode is the place to pump up some youthful energy!

This Hip-Hop and R&B location have easily become one of Dubai’s wildest spots, with eccentric graffiti, bright neon signs and an urban edge to it- that you just won’t get elsewhere. You walk in, you’re already dancing- that’s the incredible feeling Toyroom gives. Not to mention, once Frank the Bear enters and sh*t goes wild.

Rappers and singers have graced the stage of this nightclub where you’re guaranteed to leave feeling guilt-free.

You know it always goes down at Toyroom DXB.

Where? Toyroom, Meydan Racecourse

4. SKY2.0 Dubai

When you speak of Sky2.0, or if you’ve heard of the legend of this name- then you’ll know you’re about to engage in more than just dancing. Whether it be gawking at the incredibly talented performers and dancers, the extensive differences between the shows Sky put up compared to other clubs are not your average sway-and-move.

Streamers, party poppers, even tissue papers, and LED-lit foam noodles are handed to most clubbers throughout a night at Sky2.0, adding to the magical experience of it all. Imagine if you will, the very energy of Beirut’s parties brought to Dubai- and you get SKy2.0, its fabulous setting, stages and a huuuuuuuge space.

Where? Sky2.0, Dubai Design District

3. BASE Dubai

One thing’s always imminent at BASE, and it’s that it never stays the same.

A different night at BASE calls for a different occasion, a different atmosphere. Having Black Coffee perform one day can appeal to a certain group, while the likes Tyga and Trey Songz will also bring the house down, but don’t let it fool you. BASE also turns into a powerhouse for beat-thumping EDM, techno and experimental house on different nights.

Just gotta find your day.

Where? BASE Dubai, Dubai Design District 

2. Drais DXB

The outdoor, feel-good club, Drais is back for winter and its weekly line-up keeps getting better and better.

Just this last weekend, Davido was one of the performers, following Quavo’s appearance- a standard at this ‘beachy’ feel, LA-originated outdoor nightclub at Meydan. With a capacity of 2,500 people, fabulous table seatings, lavish bottle services, international DJs and recurring Hollywood performers usually coming for a visit- it’s no wonder, Drais has set a name for itself as one of the big venues in Meydan. This is simply something else.

Best nights: Fridays.

Where? Drais DXB, Meydan Racecourse

1. White Dubai

White Dubai remains at the top spot for most club reviews thanks to its already successful sister-club that originates from the party central of the Middle East. Considered an OG to the city, home to many partygoers, everyone knows that a night at White can just never go wrong.

It has remained consistent with its services, with bringing in the best of the best A-list performers and creating a familiar feeling of loyalty with its usual customers- that you just can’t say no to. Not to mention, the perfectly-set location of the club which means you see the city’s skyline from afar, yet the enriching green course of Meydan on the other side.

White Dubai will never go out of style.

Where? White Dubai, Meydan Racecourse

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