The 10 Best Places To Eat Sushi In Dubai

Dubai is famous for great sushi options and we have rounded up 10 of the best


10th.Katsuya by Stark

Part of a very exclusive chain with restaurants in Dubai, Kuwait and even Hollywood. The technique here is superb and both sushi and sashimi outstanding.


9th.ET Sushi

Located in the Jumeirah Towers this is the spot to come and get all the Japanese favourites at very reasonable prices for such a nice backdrop.



As you'd imagine in a setting like this at the base of the world's tallest building the food is spectacular. Not cheap but a wonderful experience and some seriously high end sushi and sashimi.


7th.Q 43

Half bar and half restaurant, the atmosphere here is always electric in the evenings. The food is superb and the people watching is even better as it goes hand in hand with a superb view allowing you to kick back and enjoy the super sushi rolls.



Located in the Hyatt Regency hotel, the best thing about this place is that you get to see the food being made. Top-tasting sushi, the only problem is you'll just keep on ordering- the sushi is that good!



You don't come here for crazy atmosphere or a mad scene but instead for the top notch food. Simple bench style tables and quality chefs doing amazing sushi. Simple as that.

hanabi v


A couple of venues in the city and you won't find many who haven't heard of this amazing world class brand. Anywhere that can do a sushi platter like this gets our vote.



The place you'll want to go if you're in a gang and you want the very best sushi at a good affordable price. It might be cheesy to some but we love nothing more than a huge sushi boat coming to the table.



You'll have to experience the place to believe how good the atmosphere and the food is in general. All sorts of Japanese cooking but the sushi and sashimi are as good as it gets.



This is a huge room where they serve the very best fish flown in from all over the world. Takes eating sushi to a whole new level and you'll never know who you might spot eating in here. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. The sushi here is quite simply the best sushi in Dubai.


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Niall Harbison

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