The 6 Best Places To Get Chips In Dubai That Are Totally Worth It

Chunky, skinny, truffled or salty...

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Whether you like them chunky, skinny, truffled or salty – chances are there's a chip you can't resist. Some may call them fries, others say they're French, but we just say they're delicious in any form. Here are some of our favourites in Dubai.


If you've never tried the chips at Barasti (AED 40), then it's no understatement to say that you've been missing out on something of a culinary life-changing experience. For these are not your run-of-the-mill fries, they are battered. Yes, like the fish – need we say more? Served in a generous portion, they are chunky, ridiculously crunchy and packed with flavour. Yes, they're a bit wrong, but they're also oh-so right.

Seafire at Atlantis

If you know the Dubai meat scene well, and it's not a small scene by any stretch of the imagination – you'll know that Seafire at Atlantis serve some of the best cuts of beef this side of Argentina (with a price tag to match). However, their chips are just as worthy of rave reviews, and much cheaper (AED 25). Not only are they cooked in steak juices (sorry vegetarians) they also come laden with fat slices of truffle. Yes Toto, you're in Dubai now.

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Burger Fuel

Everyone knows New Zealand brand Burger Fuel do excellent burgers, but what they also do brilliantly is chunky chips, which come with deliciously fresh aoli for your dipping pleasure (AED 15). Salty, fluffy and firm all at once, they're worth an order on their own. With branches all over Dubai, they also have a super easy online ordering system on their website.

New York Fries

If you couldn't tell by the name, New York Fries is the place to head to get your diced potato fix. Yep, this entire place specialises in chips – sorry fries. Portions are huge, and the chips themselves come in a variety of guises: from pure and simple with a dusting of salt (from AED 11) to covered in gravy and cheese as a classic Canadian poutine (from AED 17). Despite what your mum may have told you, you really can have just chips for your dinner. Find them in the Dubai Mall and on the usual delivery sites.


This boutique burger joint on Jumeirah Beach Road is worth a visit for the décor alone. Cool, industrial and quirky, it is laden with street signs and offers its condiments – ketchup, mayo and mustard – on chains hanging from the ceiling. Another reason to visit Moylo's, is their delicious parmesan truffle fries (AED 18) which have already amassed a bit of a cult following. Parking can be tricky on weekend evenings, as there are quite a few fancy cars loitering outside picking up this delicasy to go. Make sure you get in there and try them for yourself.


One of the original eateries to pop up in Al Safa's BoxPark, Logma received early acclaim when Sheikh Mo was seen dining here. Although we can't confirm what he ate, we'd guess he could be a fan of their huge bowls of fries seasoned with Khaleeji spices and shaken with crisp herbs (AED 28). Thanks to their moorish goodness, and wonderfully unique flavour, we know we certainly are.

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Cressida Meale