The Top 9 Spots To Get The Best Late Night Munch In Dubai

Food this good should be illegal late at night


We've all been there. It's 3 am you haven't eaten since brunch ended about 11 hours ago. You rock up to your favourite local food spot (which in our case is Mumtaz, Al Barsha where they do the BEST fried chicken in all of Dubai) and it's closed.

This can be truly devastating so we've created this late night food guide so if you're ever in a similar situation you'll have options.

Regardless of the type of food, these spots are all unreal and they're all open 24 hours! Forget beans on toast at 3am you're in Dubai, you may as well live it up...the late night food run has just hit another level.

9. Which Wich?

There is NOTHING worse than a sandwich craving at 3am particularly when the stale bread on top of your fridge is growing fungus and your ranch sauce is WELL past it's sell by date.

If this sounds familiar head to Which Wich, if you go at 3 am go for the cordon blue Wich. There's a little too much sauce for midday consumption but it's just right for a late night feed.

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8. Elevation Burger

Any late night burger cravings will be satisfied at this spot. Not convinced? Maybe this shot will change your mind

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7. Filful

One of many great spots at Box park, their shish taouk is unreal and a perfect little filler in the wee hours of the morning.

6. Denny's - Al Rigga

This all American diner has the absolute ultimate breakfasts. If you're going to break your fast earlier than usual do it with the All-American slam, an absolutely whopper breakfast. And definitely drench it in maple syrup for the full experience. Words can't describe the happiness levels you'll experience if you get this into you.

Oh and like any classic American spot these guys don't exercise portion control so arrive hungry!


5. La Farine - JW Mariott Marquis

If you're looking for a feed but fast food spots won't cut it La Farine is your best bet. This is fancy nosh for those with particularly fine food cravings. Feel like a roast beef tartine with horseradish sauce and a bottle of bubbly at 5 am? Come here, the eggs benedict is a real winner too.


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4. Sidra - Satwa

Sitting next to one of our favourite cheese manakish places this is really good value for good quality food (not that you're worrying about that at all hours of the morning). Nothing like delicious baked bread to dip into some highly addictive hummus.


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3. McDonalds

This is an American fast food joint that serves up...yadda yadda yadda you definitely know the score with this one. We're not saying the quality is great or that it's even edible if left out for too long but after a long night on the tiles you could do a lot worse than a Big Mac, a portion of nuggets and a McFlurry.

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2. Al Reef Bakery

Cheese manakish lovers united when this spot didn't make our top manakish list...and when people unite over food you just KNOW it's going to be great. Whether it's for a last night snack or an early morning brekkie you'll definitely find something to satisfy your cravings on their menu.

1. Moulin D'or Bakery & Grill

This spot pips Al Reef at the post for a great late night feed because we can chill here more comfortably for longer. Schwarmas this good available 24 hours of the day should be illegal though.

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