The 10 Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai In 2019

Your saving grace for all things Indian

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If there are the two things that we Indians love, it’s our Bollywood and our food and boy we do not compromise on our food!

Add in all the oil, ghee or even spices but if the food doesn’t make us FOODGASM we’re walking.

Allow us to narrow down the top 10 Indian restaurants to make it easier for you on your cheat day!

How did Lovin Dubai choose the final list?

  • Finalists were selected from all across Dubai
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’ve missed out on any must-try places across Dubai, please do let us know!
  • The brand's social media audience and engagement were considered

10. Rasoi Ghar

Calling out to all our vegetarian homies out there!

Rasoi Ghar is home to the most mouth-watering and delicious Vegetarian dishes that are surely going to make the meat eaters forget all about their chicken tikkas and kebabs. Also, if you're one for lighter and oil-free dining options, look no further.

Rasoi Ghar prepares all their dishes with minimal oil and zero baking soda, so eat light and look hella fine.

We recommend that you try the Aamras, Rajasthani Thali, and Paneer Makhani!

Rasoi Ghar

9. Peppermill

Traditions? Expectations? What’s that? Because Peppermill has exceeded all expectations and has deviated from age-old traditional Indian cooking to give you an all-new flavour to your taste buds!


8. Mint Leaf of London

Mint Leaf is located in the heart of DIFC and will soon be located yours too. Too cheesy? Maybe, but it’s true. The dishes are cooked to perfection by one of the UAE’s top chefs, Pradeep Khullar himself!

With a cosy yet elegant environment, you are surely all set to have a dining experience that you won’t forget!

Mint Leaf Of London

7. Bombay Brasserie

In the mood for a royal treatment alongside some royalty-like dishes?

Then Bombay Brasserie is the place for you! We recommend that you visit the exquisite restaurant on an empty stomach so that you can genuinely relish every bite of their creamy and crafted dishes.

Bombay Brasserie

6. Trèsind

Trèsind is literally ‘food art’. Diners remain entertained and aroused throughout their courses as the servers prepare the dishes to live at their tables.

This restaurant is also one of the first’s to have experimented in Indian fusion and is known for its exciting dishes and ‘innovative Indian cuisine’.


5. Farzi Café

The only café that has managed to make us ask for a second serving of Daal Chawaal (Lentils and rice) and by no means is this the traditional Daal Chawaal!

If you are looking for great tasting Indian cuisine with a twist of excitement, then Farzi café is the ideal restaurant for you to check out the next time you’re planning a day out! Also, this café will do wonders for your Instagram stories due to its incredibly aesthetic appeal.

Farzi Cafe

4. Little Miss India

Little Miss India is an exotic gastronomic experience that's worthy of all accolade!

Little Miss India’s interiors are as cute as the name of the restaurant itself and the food focuses on bringing to life the regional Indian flavours through their array of dishes.

Critics and customers have been raving and giving nothing but positive reviews to this ‘delightful’ restaurant.


3. Mahec By Satish Arora

Are you VEGAN? Then Mahec's got you covered with an enticing menu that even a die-hard meat eater would no doubt love although the restaurant does offer Veg and Non-Veg dishes as well which are no less delectable!

What makes Mahec by Satish Arora, one of the ten best Indian restaurants apart from the crafted and aromatic food has to be their service. The restaurant will give you a royal treatment like no other and cater to you like royalty!


2. Maharaja Bhog

The food at Maharaja Bhog is made for the SOUL mixed with a hint of nostalgia that will make all your homesickness vanish right away!

Truly a pick popular amongst the Indian and local communities in Dubai! If rumours have it right then once you try Maharaja Bhog, there’s no turning back.

With a warm and welcoming ambience to utterly satisfying and affordable food Maharaja Bhog is no.2 on our list of top 10 Indian restaurants in Dubai.

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1. Carnival by Trèsind

The no.1 on our top 10 Indian restaurants in Dubai has to be Carnival by Trèsind! Carnival is not afraid to mix things up and promises you a different and unique experience every time you visit the enchanting restaurant, as they explore new themes every few months, and no, they do not disappoint.

True to their name, the restaurant is LEGIT a food carnival! The food tastes as good as your Instagram will look 5 minutes into the magical restaurant.

Carnival has also been voted for the best Indian restaurant in Dubai by the Masala! Magazine awards in 2018 under their popular choice category! So, make sure to make Carnival number 1 on your must-visit Indian restaurant.

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