Top 10 Ladies Nights In Dubai On A Tuesday

Planning a ladies night tonight? We've got you covered.

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Is this a list for the ladies or the men?! We're not quite sure. What we do know is ladies can drink for free in some great spots around the city every Tuesday (And on other nights too...but let's just start with Tuesday).

Here is a round up of some of the best spots.

10. The Yacht Club - Dubai Marina

Okay well you may not meet a handsome sailor here but you can definitely creep on some fine yachts. This is a very popular ladies night so come early to get a good spot.

When: Tuesday 8 pm - 11 pm

What's on offer: 3 complimentary beverages

9. Mahiki - Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Ladies need to get excited for Pin Up Tuesdays at this celeb haunt. It's very stylish so we suggest you leave your flippy floppies at home and make a bit more of an effort if you're coming here.

When: Tuesday 8 pm - 11 pm

What's on offer: Unlimited champagne and pink cocktails


8. 7. & 6....(It's all about Pier 7)

Pier 7 is for the adventurous lady who is not content with just one spot per night...but who's heels won't take her very far either.

Different venues at Pier 7 host ladies nights on's the low down of the nights.

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8. Cargo - Pier 7

This bar is a great after work drinks spot that brings in a young hip crowd. You may start your Pier 7 ladies night here but once this spot gets going you won't want to leave.

When: Tuesday 9pm - 1am

What's on offer: 4 cocktails

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7. Asia Asia

Continue your Pier 7 adventure to Asia Asia. As you've probably guessed, this is an Asian inspired spot and the theme for the night is Go Geisha. No need to worry about looking the part, just bring some friends and enjoy the out door terrace area.

When: Tuesday 6pm - 1am

What's on offer: 3 complimentary drinks

6. Ocacti - Pier 7

This spot is for the party animals who are going after the two above. Enjoy unlimited (unlimited you say?!) margaritas and get involved in the salsa dancing. Who are you kidding? At this stage of the night you will be queen of the dance floor.

When: Tuesday 9pm - 1 am

What's on offer: Unlimited margaritas


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5. Pure Sky Lounge

Come here for an absolutely incredible view. The fact that ladies drink for free at spots like this is unreal!

When: Tuesdays 9 pm - 11 pm

What's on offer: Complimentary bubbly and Absolut flavors plus mixers


4. Chameleon Club - Byblos Hotel

For a bit of a wild one come here...or maybe come after you've warmed up somewhere else. The techno tunes and crazy lights aren't for the faint hearted but if you're up for a crazy night out this is the spot for you.

When: Tuesday 11 am - 2am

What's on offer: Free bubbly and cocktails


3. Q43 - Media One Hotel

Come here to dance and be seen, this is a hip hang out way up on the... you guessed it - 43rd floor. The design of this bar is very impressive, we only wish there was an outdoor terrace somewhere on the same floor.

When: Tuesday 6 pm - 1am

What's on offer: 3 complimentary drinks

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2. XL Beach Club - Habtoor Grand Beach Resort

Get your dancing shoes on and make sure they're comfortable if you're coming here. The DJ gets the crowd going, ladies drinks finish at midnight but we doubt you'll want to come home then.

When: Tuesday 6 pm - midnight

What's on offer: 3 complimentary beverages


1. Supper club - Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

This is a ladies night that needs more attention! Nestled in the fabulous Zabeel Saray come here for your ultimate classy girls night out.

When: Tuesday 7pm - 3am

What's on offer: Free pink bubbly


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