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Top 10 Winter Activities In Dubai

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We all come out of our shells once winter rolls in, let’s face it. It’s one of the most magical moments in Dubai- with clear weather, bright blue (or grey) skies and a vibe that just makes everyone want to get out.

So if you’ve been cooped up in your room all summer, tired of the AC and the same four walls you’ve been staring at- then stay put and try out out a couple of awesome ‘winter-tivities’ taking place in Dubai…

10. Go for a run or a fun day out at Kite Beach

‘Nuff said.

9. Now is the best time to go on the Desert Safari

Sand dunes, BBQ, and being surrounded by nothing but the glorious desert with a view of the stars in the sky.

Winter was made for this awesome tourist go-to, that’s also quite frankly, something even residents wouldn’t mind taking part in.

8. Go for a picnic at the park

There are plenty of public parks in Dubai that are perfect for this, like Safa Park, JLT’s park and moooore.


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7. Head to Global Village and experience the flavours of the world all under one roof

This is a theme park, a foodie haven and a shopper’s delight- all in one.

The best part is that the entry ticket costs less than AED30, so it’s really a favourite during winter for most residents.

6. Chill at Al Qudra Lake

Be around migratory birds for this worthy drive!

The Al Qudra Lake is a great romantic spot for those looking to chill, go for a run, a yoga sesh or anything calming to the mind. The nearby Swan Lake is yet another reason to go this winter.

Don’t MISS out.

5. Dubai Opera has fabulous shows taking place

All the December shows, from Anousha Shankar’s live concert on the 20th of December to an Umm Klthin hologram concert Nassif Zeytoun live at Dubai Opera for NYE- the year won’t end without a bang at this fab venue. Aside from that, there’ll be an incredible gal dinner with an outdoor concert for New Year’s Eve- in case you needed more reason to visit this spectacular location.

PLUS, there are more show to come to the Opera this January- heads up!

For more info on the shows, click here. 

4. Learn all about that farm life during winter at the Emirates BioFarm

The winter farm at Emirates BioFarm is open 6 days/week and is for families, singles and anyone looking to go on a fun farm tour and learn about how organic fruit and veg is grown and harvested right here in the UAE. A restaurant on site is available, as well as super affordable shopping and a farm-to-table dining experience unlike any other.

The wonderful Open Farm Days experience is available from Mondays to Saturdays (yes sir, you don’t have to wait for the weekend!)

More info here.

3. Go to outdoor festive festivals taking place all around the city. From festive-themed brunches like Cafè Belge’s grand Christmas brunch coming up to being in awe of towering festive trees set up

YAAAS to this!

2. What’s better than being surrounded by flowers and nature

This is when Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s largest flower garden, comes in.

Your pictures will not only look bomb, and there are more than ONE thing to do, like making use of the trampoline park, enjoy some 3D mapping, and go to the ampitheatre.


1. Go horseback riding

Perhaps now’s the time to finally take that lesson you’ve been wanting?

Dubai has loads of different horseback riding instructors and experiences at all levels, so whether you’re a beginner, a pro or somewhere in the middle- this weather calls for time with these majestic horses.

Some info here.

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