The Top 10 Places To Get Cronuts In Dubai That Are Ideal For Cheat Days

Worth reading for the pictures alone!

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Cronuts, kronuts, dough'ssants...whatever you want to call them, one thing is for sure, they're a croissant/doughnut hybrid that taste like heaven. 

Here's where to pick up the best in Dubai...

10: ChikaLicious Dessert Club, The Village Mall

These are called dough’ssants here, but basically they're a delicious cronut that falls apart in your mouth like a croissant should with all the favour and sugar of a donut. The ChickLicious Dessert Club down in Jumeirah 1, offer a huge range of flavours for AED 30 a piece. Choose from jasmine, lavender, date, rose, pistachio, caramel, Nutella, Oreo cookie, meyer lemon, fence vanilla and creme brûlée. One of each please! 

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9: The Sum Of Us, Burj Al Salam building, Sheikh Zayed Road

With an amazingly hip interior, their own coffee roastery, and forever changing cronut menu, The Sum Of Us down at 6th Street, Trade Centre, is the perfect place to look cool while chomping on a cronut and a coffee. We promise they taste as good as they look (see below). 

8. Home Bakery, Galleria Mall

The Home Bakery pride themselves in being a home away from home, and that’s probably true, if you are one of those types that need to be craned out of the window when you die or get ill due to over indulgence. Offering seven different types of cronut (Nutella, vanilla cinnamon, orange blossom, rose, pistachio, rahash and date and cardamon) in packs of either 12 large pieces or 30 small pieces for AED 180, these little beauties will require a loose belt and a big wallet.

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7. Common Grounds, Mall of the Emirates

This place is becoming a favourite of ours, and every meal should end with one of their cronut. Soft, sweet and totally delicious...don't bother waiting for a special occasion, just pop in while shopping and get a take out. The best bit is they have new flavours all the time.

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6. Maple Leaf, Cluster V, JLT

The wonderful Canadian smokehouse that is the Maple Leaf Deli, serve up one hell of a 'kronut'. With four different sauces to choose from (Nutella, dulce de leche, lotus speculoos and cinnamon sugar), this is a no holds barred, sickly sweet dessert that will make you need a little lie down afterwards.

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5. Butter Dessert Salon (online orders only)

If you like your cronuts delivered to your doorstep - let’s face it, who doesn’t… the Butter Dessert Salon is your best choice by far. With an ever changing menu, they offer a six piece cronut set for AED 100, flavoured with such things as vanilla, chocolate and more. Get online now and see what all the fuss is about.

4. Park n’ Shop, Cluster E, JLT

A bit of a curve ball here being that Park n’ Shop isn’t a restaurant as such. But believe us when we say that their cronuts are amazing. Simple in construction, (sugar, custard and pastry… that’s it), these are treats that will make people on a diet want to throw in the towel and pile on the pounds. Plus they’re cheap (AED 4 for the large, AED 2.50 for the small). We’re HUGE fans.

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3. Baker & Spice, Dubai Marina

Nestled opposite the Yacht Club on Dubai Marina, the views from Baker & Spice make the lovely cronuts here taste even sweeter. Baked daily, and always changing in ingredients, this is baking like your mum used to do. Probably.

2. Nobu, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

This Japanese dining institution is maybe not where you’d expect to find a 'kronut' hiding, but Nobu at Dubai’s Atlantis the Palm, serves up one of our favourites. Served up “Nobu style” this 'kronut' is served with a chocolate centre, dolce de leche sauce and vanilla ice cream...all for AED 45. The use of chopsticks is optional of course.


1. Dum Dum Donutterie, Jumeirah Beach Road

Topping our list has to be the donut and cronut heaven that is Dum Dum Donutterie down on Jumeirah Beach Road. This international chain serves treats such as The Dazzle of Zebra, (AED 28) a multi layered chocolate filled cornet, the indulgent 8” giant cronutella, (AED 35) covered in you guessed it, Nutella! If you do one thing this weekend...make it a trip here, we can't guarantee it won't leave you in the best carb coma of your life.

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