The Top 10 Foods With Truffle In Dubai That Will Make Your Life Worthwhile

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Truffle. You either friggin' LOVE it, or you absolutely DESPISE it. Well, quite frankly, we think truffle is one of the best things to come out of the hipster food craze and we can't get enough of it. If you're of the same opinion read on....we've rounded up the best of the best truffled foods that you need to have in your life...for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1. Truffled Mac & Cheese At The Observatory

Without a doubt, if you like all things truffle and all things comfort food, this is the best thing you'll ever taste in your life. Available as a side dish in The Observatory Restaurant (52nd floor of the Marriott Harbour Hotel in the Marina) we recommend it go alongside the Red Snapper or the Sea Bass.

Truffle Mac N Cheese

2. Truffled Dumplings at Novikov (Chicken & Morel Siu Mai, AED 70.)

Probably the tastiest dumplings going downtown, you need to try these ASAP. Just the right mix of succulent goodness and truffle hints. YUM.

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3. Cauliflower Risotto with Summer Truffle At R Trader

Risotto, another food in the comfort category and holy cow, this one is a keeper. Eat it alongside a glass of white vino and you're all good to go.

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4. Stop Trufflin Around at The Cocktail Kitchen

If you like Whiskey Sours then this is your heaven since it's got the added deliciousness of the truffle foam and it's quite possibly the tastiest cocktail in Dubai. The perfect option to help you wind down after a busy week....get it now. Right now.

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5. Truffle Fries At Byparkers

Oh sweet sweet mother of..... these are definitely the best truffle fries in existence EVER.

6. (&7 ) Truffled Scrambled Eggs (Tortelli Too) At La Serre

Who ever said you can have too much truffle? No one (because if they did nobody would trust them). Truffled scramble eggs at breakfast? Bring it ON.

8. Beef tataki with truffle ponzu, Zuma

Oh Zuma, the things you do to wouldn't necessarily think of putting this succulent beef with truffle oil but they are absolute magic together.

9. Crispy Prawn Fritter With Truffle At Hakkasan Terrace

The new Terrace Menu was launched recently and OMG everything on it is like a taste explosion in your mouth. If you find yourself in need of some evening nibbles, head to Hakkasan Terrace and get these.

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10. Truffled Pizza At Serafina

Pizza with a Dubai Fountain view. Wait, no. Make that truffle pizza with a Dubai Fountain view. Tick, tick. 

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