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11 Tweets That Scream How Everyone In Dubai Is Feeling About All The Sales This Weekend

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A city-wide sale is going on this weekend and prices on just about all sorts of things have been slacked by up to 90%.

The “3-Day Super Sale” is taking place in over 1,500 outlets

There are over 250 brands taking part in the sales (full list right here) and includes a range of products from beauty accessories, electronic goods, fashion, homeware, and just about everything else.

And, obviously, just about everyone in Dubai is super hyped about it

These tweets kinda perfectly sum up how these sales weekends make everyone feel.

1. I mean,

2. When your wallet says no but your heart says yes

3. Coz who doesn’t need a new villa every now and then in Dubai?

4. See, this is why you shop online

5. The realest struggle ever

6. Imagine being that rich

7. People who buy clothes online are braver than the marines

8. ????

9. Why are we like this

10. Every. Time.

11. Okay this is a good one

The super sale will end on Saturday November 24.

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