5 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day When You're Single AF

Single Meme

Ah Valentine's Day. 

That night of romance and love, of proposals and all that jazz...except if you're single as a pringle. 

Then it's a whole other kind of day, whether you want to party the night away, hang with friends, or just ignore the whole day all together.

So here are a few things you can do if you're single on February 14. 

5. Workout, party style 

Feel the burn, with a night-club style workout. It'll fill the void of going out, without the price tag, the bother to get dressed up and the sore head the next day. 

Try cycle studio Surge Body Fitness, for a party-class complete with doof-doof music and disco lights. 

4. Treat yo'self to a spa day/night

Nothing feels quite so good as pampering yourself and you can avoid the fuss of V Day, and that feeling of aloneness altogether, by taking yourself along to a massage at a spa. 

You'll feel refreshed and relaxed, and like a new person after a few hours in a spa. 

3. Movie magic  

Call your pals, get them over, order a takeaway and crack a bottle of vino, and have a good old time. 

You're probably well overdue on a catch-up of Dynasty, Stranger Things or Friends, so sit back, relax and have a laugh at home with your pals. 

2. Team with a theme (park)

Two words. Roller coaster. 


Shake off those Wednesday night blues with a trip to a theme park. With some of the BEST theme parks in the world within an hour's drive, you'll forget ALL your problems with the adrenaline rush from a high-octane coaster. 

1. The Lovin Dubai Lock & Key Party - Anti-Valentine's Day edition 

Pretty much the ULTIMATE in anti-Valentine's Day or singles events, the Lock & Key party is THE place to be for singles on Valentine's Day, at McGettigan's JLT. 

Guys get keys, gals get locks. You gotta find the corresponding keys to locks for your chance to win a luxury dinner for two at the Madinat (for you and your counterpart). 

There will be prizes to be won, games to be played and fun to be had! Plus there's HAPPY HOUR until 11pm, AND you get a FREE welcome drink on arrival. 

Get your entry NOW. 

Click here for your admission! 

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