The Weekend Is Here: Here Are 33 Cool Things Happening In Dubai

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Thursday marks the first day of Ramadan 2018 AND the start of the weekend, what more could you want?!

This weekend it's all about hitting your first iftar and the impending royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Here's what's happening...

It's iftar season; here are 21 beautiful spots

And you've got LOTS to choose from. From the cheap and cheerful to the famous Ramadan tents, here are the best guides in town for what's going on.

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2.The ROYAL WEDDING is nigh and here are 8 brilliant places to watch it

Yup, Saturday is the day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot! Some people are buzzing for this, while others couldn't care less. Either way, here are eight places going all out for the big day.

3. And something for tonight: Hubbly bubbly and two drinks at Wavebreaker

This beachside spot is a chill way to spend your Wednesday evening; it's a great deal, but unfortunately for gents this one's just for the girls.

Every Wednesday from 7pm - 10pm, ladies get free shisha and two drinks (hard or soft-drinks) from April 11 until May 9.

Where? Wavebreaker, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

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