11 Friggin Hilarious Tweets From #OnlyInDubai That Will Make You Wet Yourself Laughing

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"Only in Dubai". A term everyone in Dubai starts using pretty much the moment they start living here. In comparison to the rest of the world Dubai can be quite extreme, not that we're complaining but it sure does make for some incredibly funny moments.

1. This guy doesn't even speak Hindi 

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 13 46 11

2. You think?! 

3. Controversial and slightly tempting....Not

4. As you do

5. Everyone was slightly lost and confused by this one

Best get used to it...Tecom isn't Tecom anymore...

6. A small step up from the standard capri sun.

01 Pack Shot Capri 200Ml 460 230 2 Reference

These guys ruled our school years

7. Can't fault him. That's work dedication right there

8. Dubai Goals

9. Apparently we do

10. Probably a good idea not to tell them that obesity is actually a more common cause of sleep apnea.

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 14 35 08

11. Standard.

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