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15 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Yesterday’s Deliveroo Pizza Fail In Dubai

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In case you missed it, in short, Deliveroo were offering 1 AED pizza’s from 11am to 2pm yesterday. It was oversubscribed, they ran out of pizzas’s the mobile app crashed and the usual social media furore ensued. Now, 24 hours later, let’s all have a laugh about it. 

The Deliveroo operations team

Not much love lost

Keep your chin up, Deliveroo…

Uh on, it’s not known as a ‘social fail’

There is always one

Zomato picked up the pieces

Some people even resorted to McDonalds

‘I’m not your bruh dude’

The frenzy moves from Pikachu to Pizzaroooo

That feeling when you actually get a 1 AED pizza

This pretty much sums it all up

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