22 Photos showing how epic the XYoga Dubai event is!

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Billed as the biggest yoga session in Dubai in 2016, the two day XYoga event kicked off today in Downtown Dubai. The festival, happening for the first time is founded by Dubai Tourism and XDubai, it was hosted by Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty alongside world-renowned yoga guru Suneel Singh. Today's event started at 8am and ran all day. For details of tomorrows sessions, click here. It proved extremely popular today, even HH Sheikh Hamdan attended, so do get down early tomorrow if you are going. 

1. Final call to ensure you've booked the main session!

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2. Chilling before the session

3. Mats. Ready. Go.

4. Skills.

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5. Ok, we're impressed

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6. That's more of it...

7. ... and more!

8. I've got you!

9. Yes, that is one MASSIVE Yoga class!

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10. Seriously cool.

11. All together now.

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12. A moment of zen.

13. All ages welcome.

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15. Customary drone.

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16. Chris Fade in the house.

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17. Special guest, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

18. Showing of the stylish XYoga shirts!

19. Fazza showed up...

20. ... Arriving like a boss!

21. There he is on Snapchat.

22. Day 1 hightlights from XDubai!

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