26 Signs You're Not In Your Early Twenties Anymore

Over 25? We're afraid to say it but the parties over

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Becoming a grown up is a slow and sad process many of us have gone through.

If any of the below sound familiar it's safe to say you're probably on the wrong side of twenty.

1. You tick the 25 - 34 year option on online questionnaires

An obvious one to start...


we like the last option best

2. You remember the good old days of the one day hangover

...the three day hangover has you now


Productivity on a Sunday takes a hit now too

3. You don't understand why everyone is saying bye to Felicia


(it's a hip saying among the young crowd, it basically means you're bored)

4. You've finally come to terms with the fact that you won't become a famous athlete

(Although you' still crossing your fingers for this one)

jordan barons c23n4act 2p80vgha 2

well if michael jordan could switch to baseball...

5. You no longer follow ridiculous new fashion trends

"You intentionally have big holes in your pants?...Really??"


6. Your coffee tastes have matured

"Is this ethically sourced and naturally produced from an Ethopian coffee reserve? "


oh it's instant? ... i'd prefer water

7. You know what the NASDAQ is


well...you know it's economy related which is a start

8. You go out 'for one' drink

And actually come home after it.


It's not your fault the music is so darn loud

9. You use words like "darn"

10. What you eat has finally started to affect the shape of your body

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enjoy it while you can little one

10. Nights out are planned out with precision and care

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It was never like this before!

11. Gone are the days you used any excuse to go out...

"Is that a new shirt? We must celebrate!"


12. Now you use any excuse to stay in

"There's a bit of a chill tonight right?"..."We live in Dubai."

Not even sorry

13. You find yourself mimicking your parents annoying habits

...and worse still you don’t stop yourself.

14. You now know not to buy the cheapest alcohol on the shelf

You've learned this the hard way.


15. Gone are the days you could sleep anywhere or on anything


poor you...your back just ain't what it used to be

16. You choose your shoes based on their practicality and comfort

The same goes for cars and handbags.


"It costs how much for gas?! I'll stick with the Fiesta thanks"

17. You genuinely consider saving some money for the future

Note: I said you consider it...not that you've actually started doing it.


18. Your Facebook news feed has changed a lot recently

Forget the days of embarrassing photos, you feed is now clogged with pictures of happy couples and new babies.

nobody-cares 1

19. You actually enjoy being productive and getting stuff done at work


cue smug face

20. Reminiscing about crazy times has become an all too regular occurance


ahhh the good old days

21. A fair amount of your salary goes on furniture for your apartment


Ikea is my only vice

22. You now truly understand the benefits of a high-protein low-carb diet

And you've nearly convinced yourself you never liked chips much anyway.


...we said nearly...

23. You're finally able to accept that your parents were right about most things

...Although you've yet to actually admit it to them.

24. You love living in a clean and tidy apartment

And you shudder at the thought of your university accommodation.

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25. You have finally come to terms with the fact that there's nothing you enjoy more than a quite night in.


and a good cup of tea

26. You're over night clubs

A sweaty box room, rammed with people and music so loud it might blow your ear drums.


Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.