There Is A New Entrepreneur Programme Just For Kids In Dubai And They Are Holding A Workshop This Month

Zuckerberg, watch your back.

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Jordanian businesswoman Helen Al Uzaizi is now enrolling students into a four week Bizworld programme. Bizworld is a global non profit sit up to teach students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the shrewd Al Uzaizi is bringing this programme to the Middle East, launching in Dubai on 21st of January at the Impact Hub.

Schools today teach a clearly defined syllabus that at times leaves little room for kids to learn how to hustle and to think creatively. The Bizworld programme seeks to fill that missing gap; to create a space for kids to bring out their ideas and learn the basics. 

The workshop doesn't spoon feed.

BizWorld UAE goes beyond teaching children how to establish and run their own business. They focus on developing their critical thinking skills, decision-making abilities, and creativity.

The four week experiential workshop teaches kids the basics of starting and running their own business. The programme covers everything from how to create a business plan to marketing and selling their products; while encouraging students to question, to be creative, to work with teams and to learn how to be empathetic when working with others to get the job done. 

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The BizWorld programme has real credibility.

Founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley, is a social enterprise  who have been teaching elementary and middle school children (ages 7-15) across the US and in 100 countries around the world about running a business, with an aim to empower children to become 21st century thinkers by awakening their entrepreneurial spirit.  

Al Uzaizi clearly knows what she's doing. 

Helen Al Uzaizi enjoyed a successful career in the marketing and communications industry, has now taken up community development and entrepreneurship as a cause.

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The nitty gritty.

Early bird registration fee (until January 5): AED 1300 
- Regular registration fee (after January 5): AED 1800 
- 10AM - 12PM every Saturday (for 4 weeks)
- Location: Impact Hub Dubai (Venue Sponsor)
- Age: Children 8-12 years old

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