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Meet Peach: Can You Give This Adorable One-Eyed Kitty A Furever Home

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If you’ve been in need of great company, meet Peach, a Dubai resident who was found suffering in the streets and unfortunately had her eye removed.

Her temporary home has assured us that she has since been rehabilitated, treated, and well-rested for months and is perfectly healthy. All she needs now is a permanent home to add joy to someone’s life.

This is Peach’s before and after

She was rescued, rehabilitated and has now spent a few months resting.

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And she’s ready to get cozy in a new furever home

Peach is now in tip-top shape and is ready to move into a loving home that won’t mind her cuddling or calmly sitting next to or around you while you’re watching TV or working from home.

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Peach is easy-going, loves to play but can also be left alone


She also doesn’t scratch on furniture, which makes her an ideal companion for big families and around children. Although Peach doesn’t like to be picked up, she won’t fight if you do showing just how gentle her nature is.

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Peach is ready and waiting for you

She’s about a year old, is mixed breed and has been neutered too. So all she needs now is for you to welcome her into your loving arms and home.

Contact Jessica on 056 8945619 or email at jprelle@yahoo.com if you’re ready to meet your new bestie

Other kitties also need your home

If you or anyone you know would like to adopt more kitties or you feel you’re ready for a new friend, check out The Bin Kitty Collective on FB.

Open up your heart and your space and you’ll realise what a blessing it is to have a cat as a friend.

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