Al Qudra Cyclist Spots Sheikh Mohammed On A Fat Boy And Can't Contain Himself

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South African Brett Hallam was doing a routine 50km evening bike ride in Al Qudra when he noticed another cyclist coming in the opposite direction. It turned out to be Sheikh Mohammed. It took a moment to dawn on Brett, he then stopped to record the moment. 

The Fit Republik swim coach was notably impressed, as you would be! 

When you are out cycling and the Ruler Of Dubai passes by..

One minute you are all alone, the next minute...

"Ah man what an incredible feeling, cycling all alone on the track at 7pm when your Highness Sheikh Mohammed cycles past you with his 4 body guards and his Famous Mercedes G-Wagon is behind him. My cycle started off really bad as it was me against the wind. But after experiencing that it definitely made my ride a whole lot more memorable!"

Cyclist Brett Hallam

Cycling a fat boy

The cycling community in Dubai are well aware of the support the Sheikh has shown in the development of world class facilities, and are even more impressed to learn he take parts himself. 

There are different types of fat boy bikes, they are basically a type of mountain bike, usually used for off road or sand cycling. You can get the 'fatty' version, the Sheikh was riding a road-bike version. Something like this one.

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