The 17 Most Annoying People You're Probably Friends With On Facebook

Because it's fun to complain

Annoying Fb Friends

It's been years and years since we first joined Facebook, liked our first picture, poked our first friend...but still, you can't get rid of the annoying people on your timeline. The ones who are still throwing Farmville animals, the ones who think your timeline is a slideshow for their children's photos, the one's oversharing their most intimate relationship details. 

In all fairness though, we're probably all guilty of some of these. Tag your friends if you think they are too...

1. The Ones Who Write Statuses That Are Clearly Directed At Their Ex

WE know you're not really on a date with someone else, or having an amazing night out with your mates, you're trying to make someone jealous! Stop being so obvious, fool.


2. The Ones Who Jump On The Bandwagon

These guys usually rear their ugly heads during important sports finals. They barely know the rules but they love to tell you who they're supporting. Or when a famous person dies and suddenly they're the world's biggest Bowie fan.


3. The Ones Who Expect You To Plan Their Trip

We've all experienced this, people you haven't seen in years are coming to Dubai, so can you spend all your spare time giving them lists of places to visit and maybe 'come along and carry my bags while I'm at Dubai Mall?'


4. The Ones Who Post Seriously Attention Seeking Statuses

"What a crazy's days like these when you realise who your true friends really are"

Wait strike that, what's worse are the responses, "U OK HUN?...PRIVATE MAIL ME XXX"


5. The Ones Who Give Away The Endings

The people who watch the US version online and share the ending before it's even available here.


(We're still a little sore about the sopranos)

6. The Ones Who Love To Gloat

They only post when something earth-shatteringly amazing is happening. And the caption will go something like,"Chilling here on my private yacht on a Wednesday...such is life."

Oh please... the yacht's a rental and you're unemployed.


7. The Ones Who Think Their Animals Are Their Kids

"Ohhhh look at Scooter learning to use his new grass pads, we're ssooo proud!" Please stop. We don't care about your kids and we care even less about your animals.


...okay in fairness this guy is a little cutie

8. The Ones Who Have Their Profile On Private

C'mon, don't say you've never tried to creep!


9. The Ones Who Add You After Meeting You For 5 Minutes

Really? What 'friendship' will come from this?


10. Farmville, Candy Crush Or Criminal Case Fans...

You guys know who you are...and these stopped being interesting AGES AGO!!


11. The Ones Who Like To Over Share

Nobody needs (or wants) to hear about your gym exploits or your arguments with your husband. Just nobody...Not even your Mom.


12. The Ones Who Post Motivational Quotes

Who are you trying to motivate here, me or you...because, I'm ok thanks.


13. The Ones Who Share Facebook's 'Privacy Policy'

Stop being a bloody sheep, it's spam and it's incredibly annoying.


14. The Ones Who Think Facebook Is Actually A Store For Personal Pictures

Nobody needs to see 214 photos of your three-day trip to Fujairah...I feel like I never need to go now!


the above might come in handy for you

15. The Ones Who Insist On Taking Selfies

Did somebody ask you to take a selfie each time you leave the house? The answer is: NO

stop 1

16. The Ones Who Post What They Get For Valentines Day

Singletons every where are liking your post but secretly, they now hate you.


17. The Ones Who Plaster Their Kids All Over Facebook

They can't talk but if they could they would probably have something to say about this situation. Either way, we can talk and we say...NOT INTERESTED!

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