The Guy Who Was Arrested For A Facebook Post Has Been Released On Bail

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A story that had a lot of people wondering whether they might be arrested for posting on social media about charity events emerged last week. As we reported on Saturday:

42 year old Scott Richards has been arrested and detained in Dubai for sharing a post on Facebook aimed at receiving charitable donations. The Zwam Family Charity is raising funds online for a Charahi Qambar refugee camp in Afghanistan. 

Today, he was released on bail. 

Reports suggest he raised around $500 within the UAE

The rule is that when fundraising in the UAE, the charity needs to be register here. But in a world of social media, that line can be a bit confusing. According to 7Days, he raised about $500 within the UAE, it's unclear if that amount came directly from the Facebook post our whether this was information released by the charity. 

Corporations often support charities with overseas trips, all for a good cause, but the charities are often registered elsewhere.

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There are lots of great charities listed in Dubai..

...for which much can be done using social media. We saw the power of the Dubai community this Summer with the Ramadan Fridges campaign

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