8 Restaurants In Garhoud That You NEED To Try ASAP

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Heading to the airport? Trying to take a detour out of the Sharjah traffic for a bit? Or, hey, just live somewhere in or around Garhoud?

All the hype around the foodie places in flashier suburbs may be clouding your judgement and may have kept you from trying the different cuisines Garhoud has to offer.

Here are the best eight restaurants (and cafes) in Garhoud that you MUST try

1. Irish Village

Mention Garhoud to someone and Irish Village is probably the first thing they will bring up about it.

This pub has been an established Garhoud watering hole for decades  now and it makes completely sense why thanks to its absolutely massive outdoor area and a dark indoor, good food that takes a simple take on classics, friendly staff and an unpretentious attitude.

Plus there are regular concerts in the adjacent stadium and annual events see the pub really pack out!

Location: Century Village, 10 31 A St

2. Al Hallab

One of the finest places to indulge yearnings for platefuls of fine Middle Eastern food. And it is pretty affordable!

Location: Sheikh Rashid Rd, Al Garhoud

3. LakeView

This place is a MUST when the weather is good .

The stunning view of the Dubai Golf Creek, live music, shisha, delicious food and all around great vibes!

We recommend the English breakfast.

Location: Baniyas Road

4. Bentoya

This is a cozy lil Japanese place tucked away where you can get a little taste of Japan. 

Try the Una Don - a juice and nicely cooked eel eel with a sauce that is a cross between teriyaki and bbq.

Location: Garhoud Bridge 

5. Bean There Bistro

It is cosy and affordable, and serves up wholesome, unfussy food- from nachos to arancini to wholewheat pizzas to some of the cutest desserts possible!

Location: Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

6. Pastel

It is a cute little middle eastern food cafe with, well, pastel interiors and themes. They have got live sport screenings, decks of cards, boardgames, and really good sheesha - making it a perfect place to hang out with company.

And yes they serve breakfast!

Location: Near Welcare Hospital, Garhoud

7. Cu-Ba

If really good Cuban and Latino food with a view is what you are looking for, this rooftop restaurant in Garhoud wins - no contests.

Location:  Jumeirah Creekside Hotel 

8. Espana

Espana is a cozy Spanish bar that has some really great live Jazz music and all around vibes going on.

The risotto is a must try!

Location: Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

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Rabiya Jaffery

Rabiya is very uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person but has heard it can be effective for things like this. Her interests include politics, horse riding, and eating breakfast food as frequently as possible.