The Dubai Community Is Rallying Together To Find A Celebrity Cat A Home And It's Absolutely Adorable

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A stray ginger cat called Bob has become something of a celebrity online, with netizens looking to find Bob a home after finding out his current residence is being shut down. 

Bob lives in the Meadows in an area that is set to be demolished, residents of The Meadows and Springs banded together in the hopes of finding Bob a new place to live. 

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Residents jumped to action, upon hearing of the closure to Bob's home 

And the group already established due to his popularity - Fans of Ginger Bob, has been working in the hope of helping rehome the beloved street cat. 

He's currently being set up with vaccinations, so he can be homed and is described as the happiest street cat. 

Rally the troops, and let's help Bob! 

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