Extreme Camping In The Dubai Snow: Mo And Lana's Sleepover In The Snow Park

Could you survive this?

Two popular YouTubers Mo Vlogs and Lana Rose document the first ever camping night set up by Ski Dubai at the Mall of Emirates. Mo called it a "sleepover in a snowpark". 

One of the most popular video bloggers in the world, known as Mo Vlogs, is twenty one years old and hails from Dubai. His sister Lana Rose is also a popular vlogger in her own right.

It's a long video, so let us help you out:

8:30 Mo and Lana set up a tent. 

11:00 Mo rolls down the mountain in a giant inflatable ball.

14:30 Mo and Lana zipline down the slope.

20:25 Mo and Lana find a hammer and a safety rope.

22:50 Mo develops a dance routine.

24:08 Lana believes she can fly.

25:48 Mo isn't happy with his hat hair. 

27:20 Mo and Lana exit the slope through the mall at 2am. 

Lovin Dubai Feature Writer, Claire, was also at the event:

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