Does This Latest Tie Up With NASA Mean That UAE Are Joining The Big Players In Space Exploration?

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It's been announced that the United Arab Emirates have teamed up with NASA to help humans and equipment reach Mars. The agreement, which was signed on Sunday,  opens up the way for more in depth  work in “space science, operational Earth observation and Earth science, aeronautics, space operations and exploration, education, technology, safety and mission assurance,”. 

“You’re going to help us turn the impossible into the possible and science fiction into fact because that’s what we do at Nasa. There is no shortage of smart people in the UAE, I wish I could take some of them back home with me to (Washington) DC."

Charles Bolden, NASA

According to the former astronaut, NASA are getting closer and closer to sending humans to Mars and bringing them back again.

“We are going to be working hand in glove, getting the UAE involved in aeronautics and the Mars Mission. I applaud UAE’s investment in Khalifasat,"

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